14 Simple Solutions to Fix Facebook Not Loading Issue

14 Simple Solutions to Fix Facebook Not Loading Issue

As noticed, a lot of Facebook users have reported the issue of Facebook not loading properly, so we’ve decided to dedicate this entire blog on the same topic. Well, Facebook has formed a part of more than 2.5 billion lives who consider it as one of the best available options to connect with their friends, colleagues, relatives, co-workers, and a lot more people. So, we know that encountering loading related problems with Facebook, might leave its users really annoyed and frustrated. Thus, we’ve come out with a total of 14 solutions to help Facebook users in resolving all the possible reasons behind why won’t Facebook load properly in a web browser and also in its app. So, have all your attention here to enlighten yourself about the same—

Seven Solutions for Resolving Facebook Not Loading In a Web Browser

Considering that a huge population prefers using Facebook in a web browser, we’ve first mentioned these following 7 solutions to help users in resolving ‘Facebook not loading’ issues when they use Facebook via Facebook website on their respective web browser. So, if you’re also one of those Facebook user then consider trying these solutions to fix the encountered ‘Facebook won’t loadissue

Solution 1: Clear Browser Cookies and Cached Data 

If you use your favorite web browser to access various websites from it then, you should know that it collects a lot of cookies and caches in the process of accessing those various websites. And, if it has been a long time since you cleared the cookies and cache files of your browser, then there’s a possibility that the same might be interfering or stopping Facebook from loading properly. Thus, it is necessary to clear your browser’s cookies and cached data on a regular basis to avoid or to get rid of such circumstances. 

Steps to Clear Cookies and Cached Data (work with most of the web browsers)
  • From your respective browser’s settings, open the ‘Browsing History.’
  • Inside it, select the option of ‘Clear Browsing Data or Clear Recent History.’ 
  • Then, select the ‘Time Range’ as “All Time.’
  • After that, tick-mark the respective checkboxes of cookies and cached files for deleting them. 
  • And, to execute the same command, just click on the ‘Clear Data’ option.
  • Now, you can try to load Facebook’s website to check if the issue has been resolved or not.

Solution 2: Update Web Browser with the Latest Version 

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If your web browser from where you’re accessing Facebook website is outdated then, definitely Facebook won’t load properly because older versions of a web browser have bugs and certain issues in them. So, in order to make sure that Facebook loads properly, update your web browser to the most up to date version of it. And, you can do the same by easily downloading the newer version of your web browser from its official website.

Download the Latest Version of Some of These Popular Browsers—
Google ChromeSafariOpera
Mozilla FirefoxMicrosoft EdgeUC Browser


Solution 3: Try Using another Web Browser 

Moreover, if the problem seems to be with your particular web browser for instance ‘Facebook is not loading in Safari or Chrome browser’ as the same may not be fully compatible with the newly rolled out features of Facebook then, try using another popular web browser to see if the same load properly there or not. 

Solution 4: Change or Disable Settings of Security Software 

Despite the fact that security software aims to prevent any malicious files from reaching onto the device system, they sometimes misinterpret the good Facebook files as malicious and thus, stop Facebook from working properly. So, in case you have an active security software on your respective device then, change its settings to allow Facebook to load properly. Further, if required, you can also temporarily disable its security protection to let the Facebook website run without any issues. 

Solution 5: Correct the Date and/or Time on Your Device

Sometimes, the incorrect configuration of date and/or time settings on your device may lead to issues like ‘Facebook can’t load.’ It is so because almost all websites need the correct date and time to work properly. Thus, you can simply check whether your device has the wrong date or time and if yes, then get rid of this possible reason ‘Facebook not loading’ issue, set the ‘Date and Time’ to the correct “Time zone” via your respective device ‘Settings Menu.’

Solution 6: Remove Browser Add-ons and Extensions

Though, add-ons and extensions are there to help make your internet surfing experience a lot easier but unfortunately not always. As some browser add-ons and extensions are the source of phishing technology, they can cause websites like Facebook to not work properly in your browser. So, either you can consider removing all your browser’s add-ons and extensions from the ‘More tools’ option of your browser’s ‘Setting menu’ or you can choose to have add-ons and extensions only from trusted sites.

Solution 7: Change the HTTP:// to HTTPS://

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Last but not least, before the Facebook website URL, you can also change the “HTTP://” with “HTTPS://” in the address bar of your respective web browser. Hopefully, doing so may help to load the Facebook website properly. 

Seven Solutions for Resolving Facebook Not Loading In Facebook App

Now, moving forward, let’s consider these following 7 solutions to get rid of the ‘Facebook not loading’ issue in case you’re using Facebook via Facebook App on your respective mobile device (be it android or iOS).

Solution 1: Close and Re-launch the Facebook App

In order to resolve the issue of ‘Facebook App is not working’ properly, the first basic solution that you can apply is to simply close and re-launch the Facebook app from your respective android or iOS mobile’s app menu. Basically, doing so will give a fresh start to your Facebook app for loading properly without any further inconvenience.

Solution 2: Turn Off and On Your Wi-Fi/Cellular Data

Facebook Will Not Load’ properly until and unless your device is not properly connected to an internet connection. So, considering that network problems can also be a cause of this issue, try to fix the same by turning ‘OFF’  your Wi-Fi or Cellular data for a while and then, turning the same ‘ON’ to let your device properly connected to the internet. 

Solution 3: Clear Cached Data of Facebook Application

As said above-also, uncleared cache and cookies can stop Facebook from functioning properly. So, simply by clearing the cached data of your Facebook application, you can fix this issue. 

Steps to Clear Cached Data of Facebook Application
  • Open ‘Settings’ of your mobile device.
  • From there, tap on the ‘Apps or Applications’ option.
  • Doing so, will open the list of apps available on your device, and you’ve to scroll down the same to select ‘Facebook App.’
  • After that, tap on the ‘Storage’ option.
  • And, in the end, just tap the ‘Clear Cache’ option. 

Solution 4: Restart your Device or Update its Version

Many a time, even a simple restart to your respective mobile device can help you resolve many issues related to ‘not working’ of an application or program. So, turn off your mobile and then, restart the same to check if the issue of Facebook not loading properly has been resolved or not. Moreover, you can also try to resolve the same by upgrading the O.S. of your respective android or iOS mobile device to its latest version (in case you’re running Facebook app on an obsolete version of your device’s O.S). 

Solution 5: Reinstall the Facebook App 

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Sometimes, the files associated with the Facebook app can cause certain issues like the one we’re discussing today in this blog. So, one of the best solutions to get rid of the given ‘Facebook app not loading’ issue is to delete and install the Facebook app again on your android or iOS device from Google Play or App Store respectively. It is so because deleting the Facebook app will remove all the files associated with it, including those files also that are most probably causing issues. 

Solution 6: Disable VPN on Your Mobile Device

Though many of you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network to access certain sites, it has been noticed that Facebook does not work properly on a device with an enabled VPN as the same can change location data. Thus, it is recommended that one should keep their VPN service-disabled while using Facebook on their mobile device. So, in your case also, if a VPN is running on your device then, disable the same to ensure that the ‘Facebook not loading’ issue has been resolved now.

Solution 7: Enable Auto-Update for Facebook App

In addition to the above-mentioned solutions, you can also consider enabling ‘Auto-update’ feature of Facebook app on your respective device as this will automatically update the Facebook app on the right time for saving you from encountering such kind of loading-related issues in the near future.  

Steps to Enable Auto-Update Feature for Facebook App
  • Search for Facebook App in Google Play Store or App Store on your resp. Android or iOS device.
  • Then, open the Facebook app by tapping on it.
  • After that, tap on its ‘Menu’ icon to check the auto-update option.
  • And, if disabled, simply tick-mark the same to enable it.

That’s all! These are the solutions that you can consider worthy enough to completely get rid of the encountered ‘Facebook not loading’ issue while accessing the same no matter via its website or app. 

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