5 best WordPress advertising plugins to increase blog revenue

Many blogs with large traffic rely on ad network( advertising ) as their primary source of income. 5 best WordPress advertising plugins to increase blog revenue in 2021 with ads network like, Google AdSense, Google alternative( Media.net, mgid, AdsKeeper), affiliate ads or direct ads sale. There are many ways to make income with your WordPress website and content. To get started, we’ll we list the 5 best WordPress advertising plugins to increase blog revenue to start making revenue with your WordPress site, you need to know how to use the simplest WordPress advertising plugins. To monetize your WordPress site you might be in struggle , but you can have your first banner live in little to no time by picking a tools. We’ll say if you’re unsure of which 5 best WordPress advertising plugins to increase blog revenue, then you should test the water with a few first and then choose accordingly.

You can quickly build a fantastic marketing strategy for your WordPress website with. we’ll be showing some simple ad plugins that make it easy to display ads in key locations as well as full featured plugins that can facilitate ad sale on your WordPress site.

Displaying ads are one of the most effective ways to monetize your WordPress website.

WordPress ad plugins will allow you to easily insert ads anywhere on your website without editing WordPress theme files to insert ad code .

This will help you to optimize ad placement and make most out of your advertising real estate.

Now , let take a look at 5 best WordPress advertising plugins to increase blog revenue.

  • AdRotate
  • WP-insert
  • AdSanity
  • Ad Inserter
  • Ads Pro Plugin


When it comes choosing  best WordPress advertising plugins to increase blog revenue, AdRotate is one of the oldest and the most used ads plugin . It has been around since mid of 2014 which has whopping of more than 50,000 active install with a 4.3 out of 5 star rating.

Ads plugin allow you to edit your ad display right from your dashboard. You can add, delete, configure, and preview multiple banners in a jiffy. The plugin has both the free and premium version. You can set your ads to display to only visitors accessing your site from a certain location.

AdRotate works fine on many WordPress website. If you need more advance features like Geo targeting, AdBlock disguise, mobile adverts, asset management and more of AdRotate,you need their pro version.

You can schedule your ad to expire at a specified period of time or after a much impression or clicks. This plugin can notify you when an ads is about to expire, this also one of the features of AdRotate. You can get your notification either by email, a push notification.

They also offers extensive ad tracking (easy way to see which ads are performing best and which ad are doing poorly at glance). One of the most unique features of AdRotate is it ability to detect when AdBlocker is enable by a visitor and then display small message accordingly.

Ads can also be displayed through short-codes, widgets, theme pHp.


This is another WordPress advertising that let you manage your ads and let you optimize it for Google AdSense. It was created by SmartLogix Technologies. It has currently over 30,000 active installs with a 4.5 out of 5.0 star rating.

WP-insert (THE ULTIMATE WordPress PLUGINS) consequently has a lot to live up to. WP-insert does more than just placing advert hither and thither. It can also be used in tracking of codes, Google Analytics, highlighting of codes in theme editor, displaying legal notice.

WP-insert support with multiple ads network meaning that multiple advertising network can be run concurrently without breaching the terms and conditions of the ads networks.

WP-insert offers a mind-bogging 20 ad widgets to customize your arrangement. Each of your widgets can be configure and schedule using WP-insert. Furthermore, you can insert code right into your theme code, bloggers can control the code from their dashboard. You can display ads above, below, in the middle, or on the right/left sides of the content. Shortcodes are used in displaying Banner ads. Most impressive is the set of rules that control when, where and how ads are displayed. You can also Geo target using WP-insert : show a USA-based visitor AdSense , Germany visitor AdSense or however you want to do it.


AdSanity is a friendly WordPress ad management for beginners. You can easily insert ads anywhere on your website using widgets and ads inserter button in the visual editor.

AdSanity supports both hosted ads as well as external ads network like Google AdSense. It has powerful features like ads group, ads scheduling, monitor views/stats and more.

With AdSanity, you can create as many ads as you want and add them easily with custom widgets, shortcodes, using button on the post editor. AdBlock can also be insert in a specific post in your WordPress. This allow you to optimize ads performance without editing your WordPress theme file.

Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter is a solid and well developed WordPress advertising Plugins which have more than 40,000 active installs with 4.9 out of 5-star rating. This is one of the most well maintained plugins on the repository and developer, Igor and very active in the support forums.

It can be used in different kinds of ads, from Google AdSense to Affiliate ads. It has both free and premium version of the plugin.

One of the great things about Ad Inserter is that it allows you to insert ads at any point in your post. You can do it before / after the post content. Assuming you want an ads after the first three paragraph, Ad Inserter can do that for you.It is also automatically set, there are no shortcodes you have to mess with. If don’t want an ads to show up, Ad Inserter is very easy to exclude specific pages and post.

Ads Pro Plugin

This plugin is a premium plugin available on Codecanyon which help you manage, sell, display your advertising space. This can help you set up BuySellAds if you are familiar with it on your site and skip third party. It had over 2,400 sales with 4.4 out of 5-stars rating.

This plugin allow a template and grid system to show really matched and users friendly ads on your site. This is 100% free from AdsBlocker. 


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