5 good reasons to become a programmer in 2021

The way technology is increasing almost every single day is surprising.In this article,you will know 5 good reasons to become a programmer in 2021. There are always new things coming out everyday from technology. If you have noticed some your apps on play store,you will see that the app you updated like 7-14days ago ask for update again, why? This is because the developer of that app wish to improve the app work,meet the needs of their users and to keep the app from hackers.

Due to increase in technology,the need for programming is increasing everyday. It’s a job that is in high demand, meaning that the employment prospect is looking good.

If you have thinking skills, logically minded,have sharp eyes for details then you should continue reading this 5 good reasons to become a programmer in 2021.

For the past years,the world looks so different,after all , the pandemic has changed life in almost every work. There are lot of questions about the job market and where it’s going. A majority of people have started to worry about the future. But,we can tell you that you shouldn’t stress yourself over because there’s nothing as  programmer are here to stay and so are their paycheck.

If you are still reading on reasons to become a programmer in 2021,you ain’t making the wrong choice for we will give you 5 good reasons to become a programmer in 2021. More opportunities exit now than 10-15years ago.

In this article we will list 5 good reasons to become a programmer in 2021.

1.   You will earn more!

The world is craving for good programmers as the world is moving towards industrialization, computers are becoming our necessity.

Programming opens the door for you in earning more income as programming comes under one of the top highest paying computer science job. So if you are looking for a high paying job in which to earn more,then becoming a programmer in 2021 is for you. Also,there are thousands of job openings for programmers as well. There is an abundance of a job openings for a programmer and technical person. Nowadays,if you wish to earn more, becoming a programmer is for you.

2.   Increases your skills of solving problem

You might have probably checked into the life of the world billionaires. What do you think they do that made them billionaires? It’s their ability to solve problems. One of the major reason of becoming a programmer is that it increases your skills of solving problem drastically.

Figuring out numbers of efficient ways of completing a single task increases your cognitive ability. Steve Jobs ,the founder of Apple once said that, “everyone should learn programming because it teaches them to think”. When you are coding,only a single missing semicolon can stop your script or language from running properly. Programming helps people to think critically with the help of new technologies.

“If you want to show off how creative you are ,then your coding skill can do the trick”

3.   You don’t need a degree to become a programmer

Here is another good reasons to become a programmer in 2021. You don’t need a degree,you don’t need to study in a college or university for 4years to become a computer programmer. Isn’t it a good reason? Yes! It is. You don’t need any special qualifications to become a programmer. If you have knowledge of top programming languages like JAVA, PHP, SWIFT, JAVASCRIPT,NODE.JS etc and you have a couple of projects to show ,then your degree is of no use at all.

As we know now that giant companies like FACEBOOK, GOOGLE are hiring base on the knowledge and skills that you have. It doesn’t matter to them if you are a graduate or you have one special qualification or you have a degree, all that matters to them is the skill you can render.

Also, if you don’t have any basic knowledge on how to become a computer programmer,there are lot of classes online or websites in which you can learn any programming language for free or you can probably pay a mentor to guide you all along the way and if you are good enough,those giant companies conduct various online competitions for hiring purposes, then this becomes a great opportunity for you.

4.  Having more freedom

Another advantage is that you don’t have to be afraid of quitting a job. You don’t have to go to an office early morning and coming back late at night if you don’t wish to. You can work from just the comfort of your home, you can as well travel for a vacation and wish not to do any tasks through out your vacation, you can even do some tasks as a freelance in the meantime.

Becoming a programmer gives you lot of freedom you wish to have,you can probably set up something on your own. For instance,if you’re a lawyer, you’d have difficulties of finding different laws in every country. When you learn how to program, you’ll be able to create a website,an e-commerce platform or an app by yourself. You can also start an online business as a programmer with almost no financial investment.

5.   Becoming an entrepreneur

As a programmer,you can become your own boss i.e working for yourself without working for a company or an organization. You can start owning your own business and living your dream life as a computer programmer.

Okay, if you’ve just started your own digital business and you have no money to employ or Invest in hiring the programmers for building your website or your app,you can do all that by yourself if you learn how to program or you already known programming and software development.

So, this is another substantial reasons to become a programmer in 2021.


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