World’s First Country to Use Face Recognition Identity Card

World’s First Country to Use Face Recognition Identity Card.


Singapore has become the first country in the world to use face recognition in offering government services to its citizens.

The technology dubbed as SingPass digital identity scheme would enable nationals’ access services such as tax declarations, public housing applications and banking among others.

According to Ntv, the SingPass Face Verification will enable users have secure connection to government websites and online services on private websites.

The services will be accessible via personal computers, mobile phones and tablets.

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Face recognition has been one of the most recently huge developments in the world of technology and mostly used for unlocking smartphones.

Singapore first announced its plan to roll-out Face verification and identification scanning System on September.

The technology was first adopted by the banking sector before it was rolled out.

According to Tech News, the technology will address the problem of the need to remember passwords and

is part of the government’s $1.75 billion meant to finance the Smart Nation Initiative. However, privacy advocates warn about the potential risk of abuse.

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