7 Amazing Gifting Ideas for Art Enthusiasts

Whether you are gearing up for your artistic friends’ birthday or a party at their home, you will have to think of a gift you can bring along. However, unless you are an artist or an art enthusiast yourself, it can be challenging to think of that perfect gift.

You can get them a gift card to their favorite online store. But what if you give them something that shows you took the extra time to find a gift that they will love. If you look carefully, you can come across tons of items that are sure to inspire your favorite creative person.

Art enthusiasts generally look for a touch of inspiration, color, and style in everything around them. Therefore, when finalizing a gift for them, you need to look for unique things with a touch of creativity and make a statement. To make things easy for you, we searched the market for some gifting ideas for your artistically inclined friends. Let’s get started with them.

Things Your Art Enthusiast Friends Are Sure to Love

  • Original Art

There is no doubt that your artistic kings and queens love art. So, why not give them an original piece of art? Such as African art paintings. You could never go wrong with such a gifting choice. However, for this, you need to know about their taste in art and their favorite artists. If you are unsure of it, we have an even better idea. Gift them a self-portrait. If your friend has a fur companion, you can even give them their hand-sketched portrait. They will be delighted to receive it.

  • Art Museum Membership
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If the place your art fan friend stays at has an art museum nearby, you are in for some luck. People who have a knack for art usually love exploring art museums. While your friend may have visited this museum, he would have never thought of treating them with a membership.

An annual membership to an art museum is cheaper than you would think. So, surprise your favorite art lover by giving them a way to get inspired throughout the year. With this thoughtful gift, they can learn more about the past, present, and future of the art world. 

Such membership will allow your friend free admission into the museum. They may receive discounted prices on various workshops and events conducted there. If your art aficionado person is lucky, they may get a considerable discount on their favorite paintings in the museum.

  • A 3D Printer Pen

Get your art enthusiast buddy a 3D pen and watch them glow in joy when their creation takes shape right before their eyes. This pen is very similar to a glue pen. However, instead of gluing things together, it helps the person draw in thin air. It replaces ink with plastic and creates 3D objects to bring art ideas to reality. 

While your friend may have a 3D printer at home for their intricate designs, a 3D pen can help them show their artistic talents in the best possible way. They will not need those dull, flat surfaces and can make their ideas take tangible shapes. 

  • Art Books
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Books can boost creativity and change the way you think about everything. Therefore, these are a perfect answer to what you should give an art enthusiast. If your creative friend wants to make a career out of their interest in art, a book can even help them light the way. 

Some books will tell them how they are not alone in the struggle, while others bring along plenty of inspiration. You only need to find what the best book for an art enthusiast can be! If you are stuck, consider getting them an e-book reader. This way, they can choose the books they want to read.

  • Some Skin Care Goodies

Your art enthusiast friends work with their hands a lot and are on their feet all day long. So, give them something to take care of their hands and feet because without them, they cannot come up with their fantastic art pieces. You can get them a cute box and fill it with some of the best moisturizers available in the market. If you are up to it, add a spa day voucher to it. Your friend is sure to love it.

  • Quirky Enamel Pins

Do you want to get something meaningful in your small budget? Get your artistically inclined friends some quirky enamel pins. These perfect little gifts are a huge trend these days, and your artsy friend is sure to use them a lot. They can wear them on their favorite jacket or stick them to their bag for a statement look.

  • DIY Gifts
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If you cannot think of anything, we have a perfect idea. Get your artsy buddies some DIY clothes, shoes, or phone cases. You can readily get these products online. Alternatively, purchase a transparent phone case, plain white t-shirts, shoes, some colors, paintbrushes, and ask your creative friends to add their magic touch to them. Let them design their stuff their way!

Final Thoughts

Gifting ideas for art enthusiasts are plentiful. If you cannot come up with something, give them the color kit, paintbrush set, easel, or the art piece they have been eyeing for days. We hope the gift list above has given you an idea to choose the best and the most thoughtful gift to keep your creative buddies inspired. 

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