8 Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Smartphone

8 Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Smartphone


Smartphones are everywhere and can do a lot of things, even a few that they probably shouldn’t. In the meantime, to keep you surfing the web in safety, I’ve collected a list of 8 things you should never do with your phone, laptop or other devices.


Did you know for example, why you shouldn’t keep your phone in your back-pocket? Or why you should avoid tilting your laptop while the disk is spinning? Or what happen to your laptop if you leave it in a hot car? So, I’m going to discuss all these things, and much more.



1. Using Cheap Chargers

If you lose or damage your devices charger you might not want to spend a lot of money for full replacement. Finding a less expensive alternative might seem like a smart move but do some research before you buy.There are plenty of third-quality charger that are available for a reasonable price, and just as many cheap knock-offs can and will damage your batter. Counterfeit chargers are poorly made and can fry your phone if you aren’t care. In rare cases people have been injured when their knock-off chargers caused a short circuit.

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2. Ignoring Updates

Updates includes things like; bug fixes, security upgrades and improvements to the user interface. They play an essential role and make sure your device runs like new. If you’re having performance, stability or compatibility problem with your apps or devices make sure you’re using the latest version of all your software. Ignoring security updates can also make you vulnerable to hackers.


3. Leaving Bluetooth and Wi-Fi On

If you use these features often you’ve probably leave them turned on all the time, but not only are you wasting power you’re also exposing your device to added security risks. Think of these connections like doors leading to your data, the more you leave open the easier it is for thieves to break-in.


4. Using Public Wi-Fi

The best things in life are free; or so the old saying goes. Whoever coin that phrase probably didn’t have Wi-Fi in mind when they came up with it.Free Wi-Fi is dangerous for the simple reason that anyone can access it, and anyone includes cybercriminals trying to steal your identity or sell your data. Many public Wi-Fi networks aren’t encrypted, meaning that hackers can easily eavesdrop on what you’re doing, that includes sensitive data; like emails, passwords and bank accounting information.

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5. Leaving Your Phone Unlocked

If someone else gets access to your phone, they have complete access to your contacts, photos, text-messages and call history. They can also get their hands on dangerous intel like your saved passwords. Leaving your phone unlocked is like leaving your doors unlocked when you go out.


6. Eating or Drinking Near Your Laptop

Multitasking is pretty mandatory in life. But lunch and laptops don’t mix, if you get crumbs on your keyboard it’s extremely hard to get them out. Drinks are even worse, spill something on your keyboard and you’re in big trouble; if you’re lucky it might make the keys sticky and unresponsive, if you’re not the moisture might get into something important and turn your expensive computer into a useless lump of plastic.


7. Keeping Your Phone in Your Back Pocket

Phones don’t do well under pressure and I mean that literally. They weren’t designed to be sat on, something that is bound to happen if you keep your device tucked into your back pocket. Sitting on or putting any other kind of weight on your phone is a great way to damage it and that goes double for the screen.Even if you never see any cracks, sitting on the display can still damage it internally; this can cause blurry images or even blank spots appear on the screen.

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8. Using Your Phone When Its Charging

Imagine you’re reading a fantastic article by BrightIdea and when you’re about reading the secrets to internal happiness your screen goes black (i.e. it switches off) and you don’t want to miss a second of quality content you plugged in your phone in and continue reading (we’ve all done this).For starters most of the power goes to the screen and CPU instead of being stored in the battery, meaning it will take longer to charge to 100%. This also generates a lot more heat than normal which can damage your phone battery.


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