Between 2% and 5% of accidents with injuries are related to respiratory allergies, and 2% of these incidents were fatal. These data are not surprising, if we take into account that chaining several sneezes is equivalent to withdrawing attention from the road for between 20 and 30 seconds, or traveling around 100 meters blind, although this distance will depend on the speed at which you travel, so it is always better to drive calmly, especially if you suffer from an allergy.


Lacrimation while driving due to allergy.

Lacrimation is another of the great problems that allergy sufferers face to lead an accident. Tears can directly reduce vision or, what is worse, or cause us to scratch our eyes, which directly causes us to cancel our vision in addition to releasing the steering wheel or the handlebars of the motorcycle you can buy car from Auto For Trade.

It is known to all that the best remedy against allergies are antihistamines, but these drugs can cause fatal side effects for driving such as drowsiness and dizziness, among others. This is the case of diphenhydramine, miquitazine, promethazine, cetrizin and others. Up to 40% of patients with allergic rhinitis also claim to suffer from drowsiness during the day, with the consequences that this implies. A side effect that is further aggravated if alcohol is ingested.

In addition, it should be remembered that only 1 in 5 allergy sufferers is put in the hands of a specialist , and of these, only 35% receive an optimal diagnosis and treatment to treat their pathology. The rest, either not treated, self-medicate or resort to the recommendations of their relatives; in fact, most trust the advice of their pharmacist and prefer to go to him rather than to the doctor. In addition, 80% of allergy sufferers experience difficulty sleeping and fatigue during the day, which is one of the biggest risks in driving.


To drive safely if you have an allergy, the first and foremost thing is to go to the doctor and receive effective treatment that reduces symptoms. Once you have a good treatment, you can also follow a series of simple tips that are very useful for all allergy sufferers, regardless of what type of pathology they suffer.

The simplest and most important is to maximize hygiene inside the vehicle, especially if we have had the car stopped for a long time during the alarm state. Cleaning the air conditioning filters and upholstery is essential.


Tiredness while driving due to allergy medications

You also have to avoid tobacco inside the vehicle to avoid an accident, air fresheners, wash your hands and eyes well before setting off, and drive with the windows up are also helpful. As well as checking the pollen levels, avoiding the hours of greatest accumulation (such as dawn) and wearing reflective sunglasses.

If even with all these preventive measures we continue to suffer from allergy symptoms, we could use a special air filter to combat pollen. These filters are known as high-efficiency HEPA or anti-pollen filters. Of course, they must be kept in good condition and replace it every six or twelve months (otherwise they will lose their effectiveness).

And, of course, if we are under the influence of a medication that can interfere with our reflexes or, simply, tired because we have not rested well, it is best not to take the car or motorcycle and use another means of transport.


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