(Full Review) Bankroll Network Review: Is Bankroll Network Legit or a Rip Off??

Bankroll network review

Welcome to the Giantgist bankroll network review. Before you decide to invest in any sort of program, it’s advisable you initially conduct research on it and we are your best plug for that! Today we will be sharing with you all you need to know about bankroll, justifying if Bankroll Network is legit or not? Kindly keep reading.

What is Bankroll Network?

Bankroll network review

Bankroll network is a decentralized gaming platform that’s built on the Tron blockchain. Its claims to be a premier decentralized finance network, it implements a voluntary, sustainable and permissionless global economic engine and it provides rewards for it users in a different asset such as TRX, BNKRX, and BNKR through a network of financial contracts.

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What is BNKR?

BNKR is the native token of the bankroll network that’s created under the Tron blockchain, it is available on a different exchange like polonidex, justswap, and Trontrade and has does upto 500% over a year. The BNKRX is an Extended Token of BNKR that captures the network value of the Bankroll DeFi Network and allows everyone in the TRON community to participate passively.

BNKRX is can be staked, has progressive mining difficulty and elastic inflation which scales to the savings rate of the community.
BNKRX is harvested via Bankroll Farm. How much BNKRX you receive is based on the current mining difficulty. Its liquidity grows in proportion to its inflation rate and is locked.

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How does Bankroll Network Work?

Bankroll network provide her members earning opportunity with different gaming system features as follows;

Bankroll Flow Crypto

Bankroll FLOW crypto offers a % interest on a player investment using a certificate of deposit and team-based referrals It provides 1% returns on player deposits with a passive play on a daily basis. One of the fast ways to earn much on this feature is by participating in the referral program and continuously inviting new users as they offer 10% for every direct referral made.

There is no limit to how many direct referrals you can invite, so a player can have an unlimited referral and thus expand his networking team. Each team chain earns additional rewards as withdrawals are made from up to 15 players in the team/downline. Each direct referral you have is the head of a downline in your team, so focus on organic referrals.

BNKR is required to unlock rewards for each position in your downline. The total BNKR required to unlock each position is as follows (downline position – BNKR): 1 – 50 (required for deposit and matching claim bonus), 2 – 75, 3 – 125, 4 – 180, 5 – 250, 6 – 400, 7 – 600 , 8 – 900, 9 – 1300, 10 – 2000, 11 – 3000, 12 – 4500, 13 – 7000, 14 – 10000, 15 – 15000.

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In addition, every roll and claim generates a 5% TRX distribution to the Reactor which supplies liquidity to BNKRX. The minimum amount to deposit in order to get started is 10BNKRX

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Bankroll SwapX

Bankroll SwapX is the official BNKRX liquidity pool on the entire network with a transaction fee of as low as 0.3 on buys and sells of BNKRX against the pool. This 0.3 % transaction fee is paid out to liquidity providers that participate via Stockpile.

SWAPX is a feature in Bankroll to swap any asset to BNKRX and vice versa within the bankroll ecosystem; one of its benefits is that players can stake BNKRX with SWAPX for a long time gain.


It’s an awesome way to earn passive income on the Bankroll ecosystem by providing liquidity to whereby you earn TRX just by holding STRHLD

Bankroll Stockpile

Stockpile is used to passively earn rewards while providing locked liquidity. STCK is pegged 1:1 to BNKRXSWAP, BNKRX’s native liquidity pool token. A transaction fee of 10% is charged on buys that are distributed as follows: 4% of fees are paid instantly, 4% goes to a 2% daily drip, and 2% is permanently locked as liquidity. Flow airdrops contribute 10% of volume to Stockpile.

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Bankroll Stack

Bankroll Stack is pegged 1:1 to BNKR. A transaction fee of 10% is charged on buys and sells that are distributed as follows: 100% of fees collected are distributed to the community BNKR rewards pool. The rewards pool drips 2% rewards daily.

Bankroll Exchange

Bankroll has teamed up with Godex to make it easy for you to fund your TRX account by swapping from ETH. You can swap ETH for TRX, in both directions. Transactions may be subject to minimums, however, no KYC is required. Personal information is never shared with Bankroll.

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How to be a Bankroll Player

  • Firstly download a Tron blockchain supported wallet like Tronlinkpro
  • Navigate through the bankroll network website with the Tronlinkpro Dapp browser and choose among the aforementioned best earnings features

Is Bankroll Network Legit or Not?

Bankroll network is built with smart contract code which is deployed by developer on Tron blockchain, it is decentralized and funds are controlled by its user thus make it legit as they offer an awesome earnings opportunities for their players.

In conclusion, the bankroll network is a decentralized gaming platform while the bankroll team provides a fair and transparent game that’s based on the blockchain but then, you should please take note that any online related gambling and lottery carries a certain financial risk. You should be aware of these risks and manage your risk accordingly.

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