Best Materials To Use For Presentation Folders

Presentation Folder

Traditional presentation folders are created with a bunch of different materials, mostly a lot of heavy stock as a base which is then covered with a variety of different coating materials that can either be shiny, silky, or just plain and simple strong.Some of the best presentation folders are built from board stock instead of using the standard coated stock. It is much stronger and long-lasting. Board stock and dibond board reduces any chances of breaking or cracking when folded and this is really important for presentation folders.

Personalised folders or presentation folders can be created with either one or two pockets. The pockets can eventually be created depending on how you need them. When you go for a customer folder printing, it becomes possible to tweak the design and printing options according to your choice. This is why a lot of businesses opt for custom folder printing. They can get presentation folders with pockets or without pockets, exactly the way they like. Another important thing that really matters here is the coating that goes on the top of the presentation folders.

Types of coatings and finishes

A coating helps in covering the folder with a certain film or finish. It not only improves the overall appearance of the folder but also improves the durability of it. The coating also doesn’t allow the ink to fade. It can completely alter the way your presentation folder looks and feels.

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There is something called the aqueous coating that makes use of a water-based sealant. It helps in quick-drying. In addition to that, it protects the folder from smudges and smearing. It is not only long-lasting and environment-friendly but also protects the folder from water, as the name suggests.

There are different types of aqueous coatings you can choose from:

  • Matte: It helps in reducing the reflectiveness of the folder. But at the same time, it also keeps all the other benefits of the coating.
  • Satin: Satin helps in providing a velvet-like texture and appearance to the folder.
  • Gloss: Gloss offers a really smooth coating that has a shiny and reflective surface.
  • Soft-touch: A matte coating provides a suede-like feel to your folder.

Lamination for better protection

We are all familiar with lamination and quite used to having our certificates, important documents, id cards, etc getting laminated. It helps our documents last a little longer without any damage to them. So with lamination, a sturdy plastic film is used to protect your presentation folder.

Laminated folders can be slightly expensive. They also take a little more time than normal folders to be made. But they make your Personalised folders durable fora really long time. When you see uncoated folders, you will notice that they start to crack easily, their colour starts to fade, or they get stains from the surfaces they are often placed on. There are all kinds of damage these folders are prone to. The laminate helps your folder against any normal wear-and-tear.

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It is possible to laminate your folders in either gloss or matte style. But with matte laminate, the colour of your presentation folder might be altered a little bit. The best part about laminate coating is that it water-resistant and can be easily washed if there is dirt or grime stuck on it. You get to choose from options that are more eco-friendly. They can prove to be slightly expensive, there is absolutely no difference in the quality though. They are all the same and offer the same kind of functionality.

UV Coating

There is also something available that is called UV coating. In a UV coating, the folder is covered in chemicals. Ultraviolet light is then provided to it and it is then treated. With the UV coating, the folders can dry quickly. It also helps in creating a shiny and dramatic look. UV coating also protects the ink on the a5 presentation folder from smearing or smudging. It doesn’t make a lot of difference to the durability of your presentation folder as such. The best part about UV coating is that it is recyclable. Make sure you only apply it to enamel or clay-coated stock. When you apply it on uncoated stock, it turns yellow. It will also minimize the amount of shine that you get out of the coating.

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Coatings help a presentation folder printing not only as a way of protection but also adds a certain charm to them. A protective coating can be applied to any size and type of folder: A4 document folder, A5 conference folder, personalized A4 folder, etc. You can choose a coating of your choice depending on your requirements and how you want your presentation folder to turn out. Folder printing can be done in a way that it can last you for a longer period of time. Make sure you are able to make the most out of them and take good advantage of any coating materials available to you.

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