Optical Mouse: All You Need To Know

An optical mouse is a PC mouse that utilizes a light source, conventionally a light communicating diode (LED), and a light marker, for example, a combination of photodiodes, to perceive improvement close with a surface. Varieties of the optical mouse have generally supplanted the more pre-arranged mechanical mouse plan, which utilized moving parts to perceive … Read more

VCIOO – All You Need To Know

What is VCIOO In the past, the memory controlled voltage was built into the chipset. In today’s computer, it is built directly into the CPU. VCIOO is the Vcore or the voltage core. It is the primary core voltage that your CPU uses. It comes from the motherboard and is determined by your processor. Every processor is given … Read more

How to install Windows 11 (Insider Preview)

Windows 11 is now available to users who are part of the Windows Insider program. Bringing some of the new features announced, Microsoft’s new operating system can be downloaded and installed on machines that support the upgrade. Here’s how to install Windows 11 on your computer. Before the walkthrough, to already have access to Windows 11 … Read more

MacBook Pro M1: The Short and Definitive Review

Anytime a new Apple device launches, there is obviously a lot of hype around it, and existing users are often left wondering if it makes sense for them to upgrade. In contrast, those new to the Apple ecosystem want to know if they should finally take the plunge. This short but definitive review will help … Read more

5 Best Browsers for MacOS users

While it may seem strange to discuss the best of web browsers for any platform – after all, all they exist for is browsing the web – you may be surprised at how serious the debate among users of different platforms is. These days, no matter what platform you’re on; From desktops to mobile phones … Read more

20 Best iOS Emulators to run iOS apps on PC

In this article, we’ll find out what the iOS emulator is, and how you can use any of the iOS emulators described below, with a convenient and fast user interface! What is an iOS emulator? The emulator is a program to run applications created for other operating systems. It replicates the behavior of the original … Read more

List of Run Commands for Windows System (CMD)

Run command program can be used to access various programs on the PC without going through menus and control panel. There are many programs that you might not even know about but with this commands you can access and tweak your system to make it responsive. to use these commands, click Start>Run or simply use … Read more

How to find your PC’s MAC address

The MAC address (which corresponds to Media Access Control is the physical identification of each computer on a network and, in some cases, such as configuring or monitoring the local connection or the internet, it is important to know him and to know how to identify him. See how to find your PC’s MAC and have your … Read more