While the term “Hacker” was coined many decades ago, it wasn’t until the early 2000s that computer hacking would be recognized as a legitimate profession. EC-Council inaugurated the Certified Ethical Hacker in 2003 amidst a climate of suspicion and provided credibility to cybersecurity enthusiasts by setting the standards for what would be known as CEH. Ethical Hacking is now standard practice across enterprises and governments. It’s normally included as a practice in ongoing network assessment, penetration testing, or other risk assessment practices.

CEH certification costs USD $1,199 and does not include performance-based questions.

Top 10 Reasons To Become A CEH 

CEH is one of the best hacking courses present in the world of IT. But let’s take a look at some reasons why you should pursue the Certified Ethical Hacker when considering a career in cybersecurity.


  • Job Recognition

A quick search on LinkedIn shows more than 4000 jobs in the United States alone that require CEH as a primary selection criterion. As it stands, there are more job openings across the world as compared to the number of certified professionals.

Job roles that require CEH include Senior Penetration Tester, Security Consultant, SOC Tier 2 Analyst, Cybersecurity Response Manager, Ethical Hacker, and more.


  • Salary

Getting paid six figures to hack seems like a dream for many. But in reality, this dream is being lived by several talented professionals with the CEH certification. CEH has made the list top paid IT certifications to be held for over 10 years now. Add a touch of experience and a few relevant certifications and skills and that salary figure will further skyrocket. 

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  • Accreditation

Cyber Security, notably Ethical Hacking has seen an incredible surge in demand and recognition over the past 15 years. This rapid climb has created many opportunities in various sectors.


  • Online-Proctored Testing To Ease Access

The EC-Council does not take the testing process or the ANSI accreditation lightly. Each exam is carefully proctored to uphold and maintain the integrity of the certification. The council strikes a balance between availability and integrity by offering a custom exam platform. Any professional who meets the minimum criteria can give the exam from anywhere in the world through the watchful eyes of the global proctoring network.


  • Hands-On Training via iLabs

Teaching tactical cybersecurity skills can be a challenge. It is tough to teach students to break into complex systems & exploit targets without breaking the system. Initially, students are taught to break complex systems via iLabs. Students can then perform the attack, create users, escalate privilege, and eventually hack into the server through the web front end.


  • Strong Global Community

There are a ton of communities across the globe who take pride in representing and upholding the values of the Certified Ethical Hackers certification. With over 70,000 professionals on LinkedIn, CEH is not only one of the best EC Council certifications but also one of the most well-known credentials in IT. 

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  • Performance-Based Assessment

With an ever increasing demand for performance-based training and certification, EC-Council launched the CEH master in 2019. To achieve master status, you need to pass the CEH exam and the CEH Practical Assessment. 


  • Mapping to Industry Frameworks

Executive authority from EC-Council participated in many meetings and working groups that led to the publication of the structure which is commonly used in their development cycles. The CEH Course program maintains its “Protect and Defend” Domain ensuring importance for any institution following the work role categorization


  • Extensive Program & Materials

With the arrival of the subscription economy, there are many “online programs” that provide counterfeit programs passing themselves off as complete training programs. The programs are curated for maximum learning efficacy and complete content coverage mapping back to the desired standards.


  • EC Council Certifications

EC Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker is the one of the best hacking courses available. GCHQ introduced the GCHQ Certified Training accreditation to EC-Council’s globally famous Certified Ethical Hacker and accredited Security Analyst (ECSA) courses. The GCT is predicated on the industry-recognized and highly-respected IISP skills framework

The perks of CEH can be leveraged to build a fruitful career in cybersecurity. Apart from a high salary package, the CEH allows you to rub shoulders with some of the leading experts in cybersecurity and ethical hacking.

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