After deleting Files, Videos, and Pictures on Your Phone, do you know where they go? Find Out

Many people wonder where files, applications, pictures, videos, documents and other things go on their phones after they might have deleted them permanently. The straight answer to that is that even after you might have deleted files permanently from your phone, they still exist on the device but you cannot see them. Read this article patiently to get the full process. Android phones operate in Binary (zeros and 1s). The only language that a phone understands is Binary. So, all your files, including videos, documents, pictures and others are always in Binary code but later converted to JPEG, DOC, MP4 and others for you to decode. So, apparently everything that you see on your phone are numbers but they are converted with the help of various apps on your phones so as for you to decode them. When you erase a file on your phone, it does not delete permanently. Instead, it disappears and it will be marked by the system as “Writeable Space”. This means that the same space where you deleted a file will able to contain another file.


Mind you, as soon as you occupy that new space with another file, the old one becomes “Overwritten” and the Data is lost forever. This happens only on phones; it does not apply to PC. Any file can be recovered on the PC at anytime, even after you might have deleted it from recycle bin, it can still be recovered. On mobile phones, when you delete a file, the file is still there and it can be recovered by using appropriate software like “Recuva” or other similar software.

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This means that if you format your phone, all the files can still be recovered except you have occupied the device with another files. When you overwrite the space with another file, I am afraid you may not be able to recover them again. The only exception to this is if you had those files stored on your Google Drive Backup. When a file is saved on the Google Drive Backup, it can always be recovered at any time even after they have been deleted on the phone. So, always endeavor to backup your important files so as to recover them if they are mistakenly deleted.

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In case you want to know how to recover deleted files after you had saved them on the Google Drive Back-up, follow this process. Go to Then log into your Google Account. When you get enter your page, you will see “DRIVE”. Click on the Drive, you will see all your saved files. Then you can restore them back on your phone. And, if it is on a new device, you just have to ensure that you log on to your Old Google Credentials that were on your lost phone, then all your files will be restored.

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