FamiSafe: Useful for tracking your kids, keeping them safe

With the new course, many proud parents photograph the moment when their children walk through the school gates, dressed in their new backpacks, their funny uniforms and their sleepy faces after the first early morning after the summer. Social networks are filled with these types of images despite the fact that this action can carry many dangers. However, many parents are unaware of these risks.

Children attract pedophiles and while this may sound overkill, there is always the risk of someone taking your child somewhere and doing something unwanted. Fortunately, more and more parents are aware of this risk, encouraging them to seek various ways to protect their children, one of which is to use a location tracker.

Technology is getting more advanced and you wouldn’t want your child to fall prey to “an accident.” Here the FamiSafe app can help you through it. The app is your perfect partner, protecting your child from the risk being abducted by someone.

FamiSafe Parental Control App – Your best partner in tracking your children

With FamiSafe, you can easily access your child’s location through the GPS tracker and Geofencing. You can also create safety zones for your children so that if they leave these zones, you will know immediately from the alerts sent by FamiSafe. As long as they have their gadgets with them, they won’t be able to escape your surveillance and if anything happens, you can act fast; go get them, call the police, and so on. But it’s more than just a mobile tracker. This is the complete package for the safety of your children (offline and online).

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Here are some of the features provided by FamiSafe, beyond the ability to track the location of your children.

Activity Report

With FamiSafe, your kids can’t hide their online activities from you. You’ll easily find out which apps they’ve interacted with the most, and which ones they’ve removed (possibly to trick you). There is not the slightest gap for your children to keep their online activities secret. This is not an invasion of privacy but a precaution. Today children are getting smarter and they tend to access applications that are not suitable for their age.

Block porn websites and offensive apps

It is possible to block porn websites on the device used by the kids and track their browsing. It will help you to pre-block certain sites that tend to display sexual content. In addition, you can view the child’s browsing data and block similar other sex websites that are not blocked. You can also block the apps that display all sexual content and restrict its use. You will be notified if the child tries to break into the restricted app or website.

Screen time restriction

It helps the parents to block the iPhone’s screen for a specified period of time and from any remote place. You can do this during the child’s sleeping or school hours. The gaming websites and apps can be locked to prevent the child from becoming addicted. No more addiction!

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Parental alerts

Cyberbullying often comes via text, so it’s important to know when poisonous text comes to your child’s cell phone. You also don’t want to miss it if someone tries to send pornographic pictures to your kids. With FamiSafe, you can receive immediate alerts when these things happen, so you can react quickly.

How to make FamiSafe work?

– Download the app by using the following links:

Google Play

App Store


– You have to start with the membership and create an account. There are three pricing plans:

Monthly ($9.99), Quarterly ($19.99), and Annual ($59.99).

– The next step is to install the FamiSafe app on your child’s mobile.

– If you are an iPhone user, you may need to install an administration file on your device beforehand to enable the required permissions.

– If you are an Android user, you will need to enable the permissions and user access after installing the app.

– Enter the “Child” Option on your child’s device and “Parent” Identity in yours.

– The apps on both phones will automatically connect them.

– You are ready. Now you can be in control of every activity of your child on the device.

– You can track all its movements through the FamiSafe app and make necessary changes in the app settings if necessary.

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FamiSafe is a safe and easy app for tracking your children. For its simplicity, many parents consider it the better option out of so many other apps. Once you get your hands on the app, you will realize that it is the best safety app for your child. With it, you can track them anytime and anywhere, just from your mobile phone. Thank you for reading!

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