Most Successful Forex Traders In Nigeria And Their Net Worth 2021

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It’s undoubtedly that forex currency trading has been demonstrated to be a gold mine in achieving immense prosperity for people who can move around the integrity of this marketplace. You have to have come across reviews of the wealthiest forex dealers on the planet and the way they have managed to turn a couple bucks into countless dollars within a brief time or during a lengthy duration.

You might be wondering if there are those who are truly making cool money in this business due to the high threat it entails like you have seen them on Instagram. Trading the currency market in Nigeria either part-time or full-time is profitable so long as you have the necessary knowledge to move yourself around the marketplace by means of your trading strategy.

You have to be trained, flitted using the very best trading equipment to really have an edge in the marketplace, and trading with backtested winning trading patterns or strategies.

Let us get in-depth in to the class of this enlightening article.

List of the Most Successful Forex Traders in Nigeria and their Net Worth

Below are Giantgist rating of the richest, most successful forex traders in Nigeria as of date.

  1. Uche Paragon
  2. Bade Ajidahun Afioluwa
  3. Blessing Ezeako
  4. Chinedu Onuoha
  5. Benjamin Ilesani Ajimoko
  6. Patrick Ogagbor
  7. Sandile Shezi

1. Uche Paragon

Uche Paragon

Uche paragon is arguably the best most successful forex trader in Nigeria with vast knowledge and experience of the forex market. He is also the richest forex trader in Nigeria boasting an estimated net worth of about Sixteen million US Dollars.

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Apart from being an active forex trader, Uche paragon also owns two forex trading learning institutes where he imparts knowledge about the forex market into the life is his students. One of his learning institutes is situated in Lagos and another one is in Port Harcourt.

Uche Paragon Net Worth

Uche paragon has been lurking around the forex market since 2007 and has made a fortune since then. He bumped into the profitable universe of forex trading almost by accident.

While he was on the lookout for possible ways to make quick money online, he came across an advert by XM Forex brokers offering a $30 No Deposit Bonus for new traders in Nigeria.

He dedicated his time and effort to learn how to effectively trade the forex market by developing his profitable trading strategy and his persistence finally paid off. As of the time of this writing. Uche Paragon has an estimated net worth of $16 million, making him one of the richest forex traders in Nigeria. It would be hard to see a forex trader turn him over from that position.

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2. Bade Ajidahun Afioluwa

Bade Ajidahun Afioluwa

Bade is also an excellent wealth-driven individual who experienced several losses while trading forex. Even though he was an entrepreneur, he decided to take on a new lucrative goldmine and realized soon enough that trading the forex market could increase his chance of getting wealthy in a short time.

Bade invested a huge amount of money and had it taken away due to his negligence of the forex market, and he lost a lot of money quickly from his gamble approach to the market.

Bade became one of the most successful forex traders in Nigeria that even his acquaintances and colleagues entrusted him with their funds at some point due to his expertise.

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Bade Ajidahun Afioluwa Net Worth

Bade Ajidahun Afioluwa has an estimated net worth of $220,000 making him one of the richest, and most successful forex traders in Nigeria. And he’s not just rich. At only 19years of Age Ajidahun also happens to be one of the youngest Nigeria forex millionaires.

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3. Blessing Ezeako

Blessing Ezeako

Mrs. Blessing Ezeako is a forex trader with Lite Forex. She started trading the forex market as a business opportunity and it has become her full-time job. To her, forex is not a get-rich-quick scene or a Ponzi scheme. It requires dedication and a lot of activity to master the art.

Education is the major determinant of everything in her trading expertise. A major aim, she has accomplished is, achieving personal profit goals. She didn’t have luck at the beginning which was common in the forex market until she developed her trading strategy. Despite all the setbacks and money losses, which she suffered. She aimed to make Forex trading successful.

Blessing Ezeako Net Worth

Blessing Ezeako has an estimated net worth of $200,000. She has made most of her wealth in the forex industry and hails proper risk management and goal setting as some of the best character traits for people who want to become successful forex traders.

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4. Chinedu Onuoha

This Nigerian forex traders tarted off trading in forex before he explored other instruments such as commodities, futures, and equities. He actively traded in forex for 12 years and he started offering tutorials and strategies to other beginner traders in Nigeria.

His success in forex trading comes from exploring sustainable forex strategies and ensuring that risk management practices are employed and followed to avoid incurring losses.

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5. Benjamin Ilesani Ajimoko

Benjamin Ajimoko is a successful forex trader who applied the right mindset and trading psychology to earn him success in forex trading. Instead of trading the markets full-time, he turned into becoming a forex trading teacher instead.

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His secret to success lays in the vast world of trading knowledge that there is alongside gaining experience in trading forex.

6. Patrick Ogagbor

Patrick Ogagbor is an ex-Zenith Banker who quit his job to become a professional forex trader. Equipped with entrepreneurial curiosity, he sought out new ways to become successful. However, he had the belief that forex trading was a get-rich-quick business, but he soon found out that there was a lot more behind it.

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7. Sandile Shezi

Sandile Shezi is a South African trader with Nigerian origins who grew up in conditions of severe poverty. Shezi became one of the youngest, most successful Nigerian traders, borrowing tuition fees intended for university to enter the forex market.

He bought and sold stocks alongside forex and made decent profits, even without prior knowledge of trading or an economic background. Shezi spent a significant portion of time learning about forex terminologies, different trading methods, and risk management systems, and today, he spends time giving back to others who wish to start trading in forex.

Is Forex Trading in Nigeria Profitable?

Yes, forex trading in Nigeria is very profitable. depending on your starting capital and skills, you can earn anywhere from $1000 to infinite amounts trading online forex.

How Much Do You Need to Start Trading Forex in Nigeria?

You’ll need at least $5 to start trading forex in Nigeria. This is about 2,000 Nigerian Naira. there isn’t a lot of money you can make with such an account. In fact, starting forex trading with such a low amount will only lead to losses. To stand a better chance of making enough money with forex, consider starting with at least $100 capital.

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