Good Approach on How to Get Your Blog Noticed

How to Get Your Blog Noticed (By search Engine and People)

How to Get Your Blog Noticed

Do you find yourself writing hours and hours of great content, only to find out that it’s barely reached 20 people? Or maybe you ask your friends to share your link around, and it does not get very far. There can be plenty of reasons why, no matter what we try, our blog is not gaining the traction we would like it to. If you are in this situation, then worry not! Just read this piece to find out the best actions to take to get your blog noticed and, on your way to conquering the internet. 


Think About Topic Choices

There are a few things to consider here, as you must be writing about something that interests you, but for it to get noticed by others, it has to interest them too. That does not mean you cannot go knee-deep into a very niche subject, but it does mean that you will have to be getting out your content to the right audience, an interested and appreciative audience of what you have to say. In some ways, a niche can be easier than more general topics as fewer people will be writing about them, though you will be writing to a smaller audience.

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This does not mean you cannot gain success from writing general topics, though! It just means you have to get a little smarter and work a little harder in terms of getting your particular blog noticed.


Let Google Know You Exist

Without Google knowing you have a blog and what it is about, it can be difficult to get a link to take off from wherever you have posted it and go further than that surrounding reading group unless you are Beyoncé. Assuming you are not a well-liked famous pop star writing about your ‘holy grail hair care’, it will be best to implement SEO strategies into your blog so Google can pick up the keywords in your content that users are searching for. Be sure to get advice from link building experts, too, as they will be able to help your blog achieve more authority with Google, creating a better chance of you being noticed.

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Branding is important. You might think your name written in Comic Sans is all you need to make a statement, and you might be right – but that does not mean your statement is necessarily a good one. It needs to catch the attention of the reader and make them think, “Wow, this might just be the blog I choose to learn about my skin type!”

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Your branding is one of the first things your reader will notice about you, so make sure you think it is giving the impression you want it to and go from there. Don’t forget, you are allowed to rebrand whenever you want, but unless it is close to your original design, you will be starting the recognition process all over again, so be sure to put plenty of thought into it every time.