How beginners can rank number 1 on google using blogger

Is not possible to succeed at content marketing without knowing how beginners can rank number 1 on google using blogger or without creating blog post on a regular basis. Content is the solid foundation in which every successful blog built on, but consistency is the real key successful search engine ranking. New bloggers see ranking to be easy especially those blogger’s that are hosting on google blogger. When it comes to blogging, it can’t be possible to rank with anything free or cheap, think about it yourself you can’t expect blogs with premium hosting service, premium theme, DA backlinks and also advertise with advertisment network/company to rank less. Not possible!

In this article,you will learn how beginners can rank number 1 on google using bloggers.

By the end of this post,you’ll learn some invaluable tips you need to stop guessing and start spending your time and resources of what actually works.

But we have some bad news for you, you ain’t going to make much progress unless your articles are ranking  well in google search . Making your website presence standout, the critical aspect is understanding SEO. To accomplish ranking number 1 on google using blogger, you need to implement this 8 proven ways to boost your ranking in google.


Using a relevant keywords is more of a tactics that will boost your ranking in blogger.

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Some Ways To Find Relevant Keywords are;

QUORA ,thematic forums

Quora is a forum in which different people of the world come to ask and answer questions. So, let say you create content about making money online , a quick search on Quora with the keyword ” making money online” reveals that people are so keen on reading about making money online. Why not create a blog about it then?

Quora Alternative2

GOOGLE’S “search related to”

Let’s say you are planning to create a content on becoming a successful blogger , google will bring related search results pages that can give you hint on what to focus on.

Google related searches 3

Ask your personnel

Ask your sales people and other coworkers what requests are too most common from your clients, the customer facing people of the company know first hand what they are being asked and what is trending.

Once you have found a set of relevant keywords to use, utilize the keywords. Clearly, the  longer the keyword is, the fewer google results it has and thus, the less competitive it is. Use your keywords in the first 100 words of the piece of content and this will help google to understand what your blog post is all about.


On average, long content is considered to start from the number of 1200 words.

Publishing longer content is a great tactics in ranking on google in terms of SEO. Firstly, long content usually gathers more backlinks. Secondly, long-form content outperforms short blog posts in terms of shareability and ranking on google.

Long content give you a chance to rank first on google search engine. The minimum content you should have should not be less than 600 words.

avg content length


To get a good ranking on google,Google does not just look for images, It looks for images with alt text. So, it is important to add relevant keywords to your image name and meta descriptions. 

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A short and descriptive URL is beneficial for GOOD ranking on google in terms of SEO.

content olive search on Google


Compare these two URLs :


Clearly, the second URL helps Google parse the page faster. As the second URL does not have any subfolders, it is clear that its content is about SEO , ranking first as a beginner in blogger. Thus, short and keyword-rich URLs can give you a lot of competitive advantage.


Having your content on other blogs can increase or improve your search engine rankings on google as a begginer in blogging. However, sometimes companies mention your publications online without linking back to you. If you monitor your online mentions very well, you can easily find most especially those companies that mentioned your content without a link.

If you notice a case like this, you can easily reach out to the company and kindly ask them to add a link to your site. 



Updating your WEBSITE time to time with content and enriching it with up-to-date is extremely beneficial SEO-wise and making you less competitive, one of the best tactics to make you rank on google as a beginner with blogger .

How to Re purpose and Refresh Your Content


Google loves fresh content, updating your website with fresh content makes google rank you first. Also, you can fix broken links while refreshing your content and improve the user experience while updating your content. As your previous SEO data is stored,  it is easier to boost an updated blog post on Google rather than writing a new one from scratch.

 When updating your website with fresh content, add a note with the date of your update to let your readers know you provide the most up-to-date fact or  content and want to make it more valuable for them.


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It has been proved that Google allocates weight to social media signals in the ranking in terms of SEO.

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Aside from using your social media channels, you might also benefit from sharing on other platforms:

  • Share documents on Scribd
  • Share on industry-relevant social media groups
  • Share infographics on Pinterest
  • Share presentations on SlideShare


If you have enough resources, you can search for online media that would be interested in publishing your guest post and link to your site.

How to write blog content and add images


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