How Does the TikTok Algorithm Work Exactly?

How Does the TikTok Algorithm Work Exactly

How Does the TikTok Algorithm Work Exactly

If you are looking to explode on social media then TikTok is where it’s at.

Its 689 million users are nothing to balk at, but getting big or at least developing a following can seem to be a mystery for the uninitiated. For every Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae, or Chipotle who make the platform work for them, there are countless people and businesses who seem unable to get it going. Fortunately for you though we have the secrets that you are looking for!

Tiktok recently filled everyone in on how they curate their coveted ‘for you’ page and we have summarized all you need to know ‘for you’ to boost your profile.

So if you have ever wondered “Exactly how does the TikTok algorithm work?” keep on reading!

How Does the Tiktok Algorithm Work?

Firstly, nothing beats good quality content. It is the easiest way how to get likes on TikTok but does require the most work. If you are already doing that though, there are other techniques that will get the algorithm working for you, and not the other way round.

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Remember, TikTok wants you hooked. So keeping people engaged is the biggest factor that the algorithm will reward you for.

How can this be achieved?

The pillars of any social media content remain the same. Content needs to be informative, inspirational, or entertaining. On Tiktok however, the entertaining element needs to be turned up to 11 due to their short and punchy video format. The TikTok algorithm pays attention primarily to the video completion rate.

So while likes and comments are important for engagement too, aim to keep people watching to the end of your videos.

This is richly rewarded as these videos tend to get pushed out to the wider community

Hook people in straight away, and keep them hanging on with captions like “watch till the end” or “you’ll never guess how this finishes”.

Get people involved too. A common trend on all platforms is asking questions to get people to comment and more importantly interact with your content.

Surround Your Content With Success

Another thing that makes all the difference is tapping into how people are using TikTok. Two main areas should be your go-tos when trying to get into the psyche of the TikTok algorithm.

Hashtags and sounds.

TikTok is far more dynamic than its competitors. When it comes to giving people what they want, Instagram can tend to reward popular accounts with exposure, so smaller creators have a real challenge to be seen.

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One of the benefits of TikTok though is that if you hit that first mark of great watchable content, plus you´re on-trend, then you can pick up a following much quicker.

So use video information that the algorithm will read in your content to your advantage. Check out the popular songs of the moment and don’t be shy to jump onto that latest hashtag trend. In a Pro account, you can also keep an eye on what songs your followers are grooving to without having to guess.

It Ain’t Where You’re From, Its Where You’re at

The last mysterious factor in the TikTok algorithm to take into account is location. Trends will vary from location to location. Not wanting to miss a trick, we know that laced into the inner workings of the algorithm are calculations that boost content that is popular in your area.

What does this mean?

Well, for example, if you are a business bound on world domination, take advantage of the multiple locations that you may have. If you post occasionally from them then the reach you stand to gain could be greater.

Time for You to Make It Big on Tiktok

Social media has opened up a vast amount of doors for creators and businesses alike. But paying attention to the algorithm is key if you want to keep at the top of the tree.

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Hopefully now instead of asking “How does the TikTok algorithm work?”, you’ll be able to make it work for you from now on.

For more social media insights be sure to check out the other great stuff on our blog!

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