How Much of MOT Testers Get Paid?

How Much of MOT Testers Get Paid?

MOT testers are the automotive technicians in the auto industry of Europe, especially in the UK. The MOT tester work in the vehicle test centres to ensure that the vehicles that are driven on the road are roadworthy. And meet all the standards that are required by the government and regulatory body.

These testers are repositioned onto different locations depending upon the test rates of the vehicles. After the disclosure of some testers found guilty of providing leverage to the citizens. But the testers are paid highly under test centres for conducting MOT assessment test instead of working at some local garage.


Following are the factors that determine the pay scale of MOT testers.


1. Nominated Tester Training

Nominated tester training is the most important training to be the MOT tester. This training is allowed to nominated trainees only. Different test centres provide the names of some technicians to the states for appearing in this training. As the state requires a certain number of trainees at the centre.

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Then these trainees underwent a training experience, their skills are tested at the end of training and they are given certification. This certification plays an important role in making the pay scale higher.


2. Experience

The experience of a tester also plays an important role in making the pay scale high. If you are a person with much experience in the assessment test field. Then it is expected that you will have a certain number of refresher courses that you have undergone several times in your life.

Which adds in the value of the tests conducted and also impacts the vehicle safety on the road. Therefore, you can have a higher rank in the seniority which is one factor to enhance the pay scale.


3. Refresher Courses

Certain courses are designed by the state of the United Kingdom to bridge the gap in the industry and the auto manufacturer advancements. The auto manufacturing companies keep introducing new features and technologies in every new version of the vehicle.

Therefore, the MOT testers must be aware of how to check those new vehicles. For that purpose, every 5 years there are refresher courses in which the MOT testers enrol themselves to update their skills, which increases their pay level.

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4. Agencies

Although the majority of the things in this system are well dell designed and standard. And the market is filled with a large number of testers and tester hiring agencies. But the pay scale is not standard for a certain position. The agency you are connected with is another contributing factor to your pay scale as an MOT tester.

The agencies have competitions with each other in the market and they differentiate each other on various factors. To attract the qualified MOT testers some are used to pay high salaries to retain the talent. Therefore, the agency you associate yourself with is another contributing factor.



These above mentioned are all the contributing factors that MOT testers need to look at to increase their pay scale.

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