How the Lean Six Sigma Program Works in Sales Process

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Lean six sigma is an approach to the management of production lines in sales-oriented industries in order to eliminate the steps and processes that do not add any value or feature or to the quality of the end product/result produced. Lean six sigma was introduced basing on the themes of six sigma, and thus possesses similarities with it such as the decreasing of waste, balancing of supply and production lines, increasing of profit, etc.

The points which can try to explain the application of Lean six sigma to sales are as follows:-

– According to it, the individual trained and certified with Lean six sigma (any level) can detect eight types of wastes and eliminate them, such as the waste of non – utilized talents, extra–processing waste, transportation wastes, overproduction wastes, etc.

– Lean Six sigma attempts to train individuals to understand the processes of project management better: It requires in-depth knowledge of every six sigma concept and techniques in order to be competent enough in the certification examination. The way one might undertake to learn these concepts are numerous, one of which may be by tutoring and training the green belt aspirants.

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– Six sigma provides for the reduction in the total waste/defects produced in the production line to be reduced in order to improve the quality of the final product thus produced. Even Lean, a slight makeover of six sigma, aims at reduction in a loss in the production line by proper identification and elimination of steps/processes that are not important or do not add any points/weightage/features to the end product or result. This ensures the increased profit due to the quality increased of the result, decreased loss as unnecessary steps are curbed, and increased client satisfaction.

– Lean Six Sigma was never tailored to fit a specific organization and thus can be applied to any type of organization provided the statistics have been calculated and can be read as a set of data. Six Sigma tools and techniques can even be informally applied to the day-to-day functioning of a sales organization.

– The broader perspective of a Lean six sigma ensures the better management of processes and results, thereby increasing the returns and remunerations of an organization. An individual certified with the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Online Certification has varied application knowledge gained by studying the case studies, which helps them to apply the concepts better.

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– The risk-taking abilities of the certified individuals of six sigma are outstanding. Any successful venture comes with a considerable amount of risk that must be tackled or made preparations for in order to taste the sweet destiny. A lean six sigma black belt certified professional has high-quality risk-taking abilities. He or she understands and detects the potential risks and compares them to the previously encountered ones; provides sufficient funding to improve over sudden fall down of the process, and puts great ideas and calmness to hold the organization together and running in hard times.

– Lean Six Sigma is a concept that provides enough space for an individual as well as an organization in order to accommodate any said changes in a short period of notice. This feature of lean six sigma makes it one of the most adopted operational processes. Individuals certified with a black belt are also, in turn, very welcoming towards changes and also become good pivot points for a team/organization to bring forth revolutionary changes, all the while ensuring increased efficiency and profit.

The above points summarize the production-oriented application of lean six sigma in a succinct manner. Lean six sigma,  as is evident from the above-mentioned points, believes more in preventing wastes and losses from occurring rather than planning to tackle them or work around them. With the help of outstanding tools and simplified concepts, it becomes a piece of cake to achieve the target better with higher profits and lower losses. Lean six sigma helps employees with their personal development via certification and training, which all add up to the big circle of the organization. Such is the work culture of lean six sigma.

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