How to Make a living from a music blog

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The number of music listeners is growing. According to researches, there are more people streaming music than ever before. On average, people spend approximately 18 hours per week listening to music. You don’t need to ask others “do my math homework” to calculate it’s more than ten percent of the time in a week or more than two hours per day! This trend is bound to grow; hence, it is time to begin a blog. If you have a passion for music and think about starting a blog, this article will guide you to start a music blog. Towards the end, this article will share tips on promoting the established music blog so that you can make money on something you love.

Choose the focus of the music blog.

This first step is about choosing the focus or direction of the blog. Decide on what to blog about and the people you will share ideas with. Decide if you want to critique music or celebrate music you like.

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Select a music niche

Once you have selected what to focus on, it is now time to outline your music niche. The music niche is deciding the theme of the blog and the audience it will serve. All successful music blogs have a niche. Finding a music niche requires that you hone a specific genre.

Select a blogging platform

This step is about choosing the blogging platform. There are many platforms to choose from; some are free, while others need payments. Free ones include blogger, Tumblr, Wix, and square space. The majority of beginner bloggers opt for free platforms. Profitable and successful blogs are not launched on free platforms.

Choose the domain name

Before settling on a domain name, reflect on the following issues: contents of your blog, the type of music you will write about, and your target audience. When choosing a domain name, consider the following: Select a .com extension, allow room for expansion, keep it sweet and short, and be creative.

Purchase domain name and hosting

Besides buying your domain name, you also need to buy a hosting space that will store your website and ensure your music blog is available on the internet. These services require a monthly or annual fee. Depending on your needs and costing, you choose your web hosting service provider.

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Select an appropriate theme for the music blog

If your platform is WordPress, then after installation, you will need to choose a fitting theme consistent with your blog’s content.

A theme will determine the feel and taste of your blog.

Design and build essential page and logo

Up to this point, everything is ready for you to fill your blog with content. However, before you begin to blog about music, you need to create the pages basic pages. These pages carry essential information. Examples of essential pages include the following privacy policy pages, contact, and about page.

Start Blogging

The fun part now begins. Start by choosing a blogging category for the maiden post. All posts in your blog should belong to a particular category, such as music festivals. Categorizing is a great way of organizing your content, and it helps readers get content of what they are viewing.

Market Your Music Blog

Promoting your music blog is about letting the world know what you are doing. Marketing yourself for the first time can be intimidating, particularly for first time bloggers. However, it is the only way you will get visitors trooping to your blog.

Make Money

To transform your blog from being just a hobby, consider implementing monetization strategies and turn visitors to revenue by utilizing strategies such as affiliate marketing, informational products, etc.

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