IOS 14 and iPados 14 – a Complete Overview of Performance, Autonomy, Adaptability

On September 16, Apple released the final versions of iOS 14 for iPhone, iPad 14 for iPad, watchOS7 for Apple Watch and to 14 for the Apple TV set-top box.

The list of supported devices has not changed. If your iPhone or iPad supports iOS 13, you can install IOS 14 and iPados 14. The iPhone firmware weighs about 5GB and will need space to unpack.

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I’ve already talked about all the innovations of iOS 14 in two parts and iPadOS 14 in separate reviews. In this review, we will focus on the changes that have taken place in almost three months of testing, talk about performance, autonomy, adaptability of third-party software and answer the main question – is it worth updating?

From the first beta of iOS, 14 drastic changes not much. Several standard widgets have been added, such as files, apple TV, watches, and the dial is painted black or white depending on the time of day.

There are new dials in the Watch app, of course, if you’ve updated your Apple Watch to watchOS 7. Stripes, Greenwich, diver, creativity and typography are available not only on the Apple Watch 6 but also on the top five at least. In the settings refreshed wallpaper with stripes. They have a second, night option. In the photo settings, you can hide an album hidden from the app photos.

ios 14

The final version of iOS 14 has an automatic headphone switching feature between active devices. Taking a new tool at the top of the display is a banner indicating a successful connection. It’s a very convenient thing.

By updating the AirPods Pro to the 3A283 firmware, you’ll have a Spatial Audio or Spatial Audio feature. When you watch movies from iTunes or on Apple TV and turn your head, you’ll hear a changing picture. The attractive feature is included in the control room. Too bad it doesn’t work outside of Apple apps and multichannel movies.

And in the settings, there was a notification of contact, after activating which iPhone will be able to tell you about the connection with the infected COVID 19, if he certainly adds this information to his iPhone. However, not in all regions, this thing generally works.

About performance, Apple has done an excellent job of optimizing the system and even on starting devices like the iPhone 6s firmware works very fast. Standard applications don’t run slower, and some third-party apps are even faster.

It’s nice that after the update, the devices do not turn into a pumpkin and do not force the user to buy a new appliance. This is despite the emergence of a massive number of new features.

On autonomy, I will say this – in many battery tests, the difference between iOS 13 and 14 is small, especially if you take synthetic tests like Gigabench 4 if anyone has a program left. She’s gone.

In practice, autonomy sagged. On iOS 13, I had an iPhone 11 Pro Max for 1.5 days. On iOS 14, less than 20% of the charge is very often left by the end of the day, and there is a message that it’s time to activate the energy-saving mode whether these widgets devour the charge or non-optimized third-party applications.

If you have iPhone centenarians such as XR, 11, 11 pro and 11 pro max, then it will be uncritical for you. But the owners of old devices or the same iPhone SE can be hurt.

In general, it works steadily. I haven’t seen any freezing bugs that I haven’t seen.

Problems 2: The first is the lack of widgets from third-party developers, and the applicable standard is not so much. You have to wait.

The second – left unoptimized software. In contact, when switching to the night theme, the application goes crazy, Yandex navigator does not allow everyday travel on the map. Although many third-party developers quickly corrected the shoals. From the rest can only wait for new versions. Usually, within a month of the release of the final version of iOS are corrected.

In general, I do not see any particularly severe reasons not to update on iOS 14. Speed and stability are there. The widgets are about to start appearing. After the release of the operating system will be left to cram only lazy developers of comments in the App Store to adopt the software, and you can live, buying all the new features. If you’re willing to get off the beta, go to the settings – basic – profiles and remove the beta testing profile.

The next iOS 14 firmware will already be installed, and the betas will be skipped. Those who installed the Golden Master version on September 15 are not worth worrying about. This is the final firmware, just came out a day earlier.


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