Money making digital skills you can learn online

Money making digital skills you can learn online


Money is very essential to we Nigerians we use money for many reasons but is unfortunate that many of us don’t know that we can make money by learning digital skill.


What is a digitalskill

ls a skill that is done on the internet with your phone and computer. I am going to mention the best among them because they are plenty.


Many people are now billionaires and millionaire by just a digital skill that hey do on the internet eg.


Bill Gates, mark Zuckerberg, Linda lkeji, Mark Angel, Larry page and the rest of them. You cab be one of the people who earn a living by the internet


if you have good one of these skills and the good thing about it is well hat it can be learnt Easily online and offline with your phone or computer.


Sources to learn them are Google, watching YouTube tutorials and through some online and offline and udemy courses.they are :


1. Blogging:

Blogging is one of he most profitable way to make money online and as well as the easiest skill to learn as far as you can write simple

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English and you can Learn some basic skills needed from top blogger s and Google searches or reading an eBook on it before you start.

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2 programming:

another name for it is coding and is the most important thing to learn about because everything on the internet is done with codes.


But is the most difficult skill to learn as far there are many programming languages to learn which may take some time. It can be learnt with some app or websites

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3 Graphics designing:

this involves designing business cards, logos and flyers with design.


It is very profitable if you are an expert in it you cab get a lot of jobs and opportunities to make money.


Thanks for reading!