Powerful Digital Marketing Assets for Your Business

digital marketing assets

Digital marketing assets refer to the different forms of content required for marketing campaigns. These include emails, blog posts, videos, images, brochures, logos etc. It is important to review these assets regularly and they can also be reused. An important thing about digital marketing asset is the asset library. All the assets are stored in the library and are supplied during the campaigns. A proper library that is well-categorized offers multiple benefits to the company. They can be viewed and downloaded anytime. Here are the digital marketing assets that you might require.

  1. Ahrefs– Ahrefs helps with SEO and allows you to create the exact content for your business. It guides your SEO and also simplifies it for you. Using Ahrefs, you can explore the trending topics and keywords and also analyze the performance of your keywords and backlinks. Almost every digital marketing company uses this tool for extra assistance for SEO.
  2. BuzzSumo– This is an ideal marketing asset that will make your business grow. BuzzSumo allows you to create suitable content that will attract your customers. It has different features for finding keywords, content ideas, checking the keyword’s ranking etc. For getting content ideas, you can search the relevant keyword and then explore various types of content that include the given keywords. It provides all the digital marketing services under one roof. Any agency in Delhi, Mumbai or elsewhere offers such comprehensive services in one place. You can also target the right audience using BuzzSumo and gather more audience.
  3. Canva– Canva is a graphic designing tool for digital marketing. It is available as an app on Playstore and Appstore and also as a website. You can create image posts, videos, posters, newsletters, and other infographics for your social media and other businesses. There are hundreds of templates available on Canva, which are mostly free, but for using some of the templates, you have to pay a minimal price. It is one of the easiest graphic designs to use. You have plenty of fonts, edits, and color options available to choose from on Canva.
  4. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer– The headline of your content grasps the maximum attention. It should be attractive and must give readers an insight into the content. It gives the first impression of your blog. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is the best tool for this service. There are multiple ways to analyze and create the right heading. This tool is available for free and you can create the best headline for your content with just a few clicks.
  5. Google Analytics– Google Analytics is a widely used tool by every digital marketing company. Digital marketing requires a good campaign to sustain and perform better. Using Google Analytics, you can track your campaign and get relevant insights into it. It is one of the most useful tools for tracking your business online and the best thing about Google Analytics is that it is available for free. It gives the most accurate reports and other in-depth details about your business online. Google Analytics offers services such as the sources from where your website gets maximum views, page views on your website, active devices, social media engagement, and real-time viewers on your website.
  6. MailChimp– This is an email marketing tool that is very easy to use. This integrated al-in-one marketing platform is the best option for small businesses. Your email campaigns can get a lot easier with this tool.
  7. Buffer– Social media is an important platform in digital marketing. By posting relevant content on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, it allows you to schedule your social media posts conveniently. It does not require manual intervention to function. A successful social media campaign allows you to gain followers and improve your sales and achieve your target. Some people believe that Buffer is only used as a social media automation tool, but it also offers a whole bundle of different features. Any digital marketing agency in GurgaonMumbai or elsewhere offers such comprehensive services in one place. You can also target the right audience using Buffer and gather more audience.
  8. Rocket Fuel– Rocket Fuel is a programmatic advertising tool used in digital marketing. It gathers most of the valuable insights about the advertisement. The moment scoring feature of Rocket Fuel allows you to collect data about your advertisement like how someone is reacting to your post and from where you are getting the maximum clicks.
  9. AdRoll– There is a lot of ads that follow us mostly from the websites that we have visited or shopped from. AdRoll has gained a lot of popularity as a retargeting tool. There are around 500 ad exchanges offered by this tool and includes a lot of social media network.
  10. Visual Website Optimizer– No one can deny the importance of A/B testing. It is an efficient website testing tool. Visual Website Optimizer allows you to quickly play with the different elements of your website and giving the users a better experience. You can also use different analytics of Visual Website Optimizer for your website.
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These digital marketing assets are a great way to improve your business and run it smoothly. They will help you in reaching your goals and making your business successful.


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