Some Big Developments in the Use of Technology in the Workplace

The workplace has always become beholden to advances in technology. From the click clacking of the typing pool to the bizarre pseudo-reality of the Zoom call, we have always innovated and tinkered with the world around us in order to work more efficiently, less stressfully and more profitably.

Technology moves fast. This is by no means an exhaustive list of recent developments in workplace technology, but it illustrates some of the more important and widely adopted innovations.

Your Phone

In a 2017 study cited by the technology giant Samsung, 93 percent of the study participants used their mobile phones to aid them during work. Smart phones have completely revolutionized how we work – and not always for the best. An unfortunate side effect of cell phone connectivity is that it can seem really hard to escape your work duties, even when you are not on the premises.

Despite this, work applications for mobile devices have allowed businesses to operate far more dynamic workforces. Project management software, group diaries and file sharing can all be accessed via mobile, and help create a highly networked environment.

Managed IT Support

Gone are the days of a lone nerd lazily answering a telephone in the basement of your office block. Today, managed IT services like Icon IT in Colorado offer 24/7 monitoring, repair and support. IT systems are crucial for almost all modern workplaces, so having a team of helpful specialists on hand can be the difference between a productive day and an absolute waste of time.

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Cloud Storage

Cloud storage does away with on-site data storage and expensive server costs. Instead, companies can pay for external storage that is immediately accessible to employees via the internet. This has not only cut down on server costs, but allows companies to collect huge amounts of data with very little investment. We live in an age of big data business strategy, and it wouldn’t be possible without cloud storage services.

Project Management Software

Project management software makes the complicated bits of running a collaborative project easy. Diaries, ideas, budgets, meeting minutes and goals can all be stored, updated and visualized on these all-in-one applications. The days of emailing spreadsheets around your collaborative group are over!

AI-Enhanced Environments

OK, so this technological development has not quite become the norm yet, but there are big plans to transform the workplace using Artificial Intelligence. An Artificially Intelligent workspace would assess the suitability of certain lighting modes, layouts and seating arrangements and optimize the space based on worker happiness and business profitability. The concept is admittedly quite a scary one, but researchers think that if an office space can learn to optimize itself, work could become less of a chore in the long run.

Video Conferencing

Given the current pandemic, it isn’t surprising that video communication technology is being utilized in (or instead) of the workplace more than ever before. Its use brings some important questions to the fore, including the question of why we need the workplace at all. We’ll leave that to the philosophers.

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