Tips to improve your website ranking in Google searches

In its short 30-year history, the internet has completely transformed all aspects of modern life and become an integral and essential part of society. For most people, the web is now their primary source of information, news and media and it’s used for everything from shopping to entertainment.

However, while the amount of information and services available online these days is nothing short of astounding, there is one driving factor that propels the web and, ultimately, makes it useful. Without search platforms like Google, the web would amount to little more than a massive collection of unworkable, disorganized data.

Here are the Tips to improve your website ranking in Google searches

Google’s increasing dominance in the search sector

Since it first launched in 1998, Google has evolved to become the world’s most-used search platform and it now accounts for over 92% of all search engine-generated traffic. Indeed, Google has become so dominant that the site also holds the lofty accolade of being the world’s most-visited website generating a staggering 7 billion search results daily.

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Tactics to improve your Google rankings

With such total supremacy in online search, Google is by far the most important and effective vehicle to help people find your website. Whether you’re just a casual blogger or run an e-commerce firm, no other platform offers such potential exposure. Below are just a few tips to improve your rankings.

Remember the adage, Content is King

When Bill Gates penned his essay entitled “Content is King” back in 1996, surely not even he could have envisaged the importance of its seminal message. In a world where there are now more web pages than people, quality content has become the primary differentiator between the web’s success stories and failures.

Produce evergreen content and update your site regularly

Search engines aim to mimic user habits as closely as possible and, just like users appreciate regularly updated content, so Google will rank you higher if it sees you update your site regularly. For more information on the importance of so-called evergreen content and making timely updates to your pages, read this excellent article.

Hire a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist

Search Engine Optimization is the highly detailed and involved process intended to help sites rank higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) to drive more traffic. The techniques involved in successful SEO are incredibly detailed and wide-ranging and are, in the most part, far beyond the skills and knowledge of most casual web users. For this reason, if you’re to see the best results from SEO, you should really enlist the help of a specialist SEO and web marketing firm.

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Make sure your site is built to a responsive design

The web is constantly evolving – as is the way we use it – and, in recent years, mobile device access has exploded, now accounting for over 50% of all web traffic. If your site doesn’t scale to be viewable on different screen sizes and resolutions, you will potentially miss out on visitors. However, perhaps more importantly, with Google’s recent mobile-first indexing policy, you will also find your listings in the platform’s results listings will drop.

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