Top 5 Online payment gateway in 2021

The normal way of making payments via a bank teller has reduced greatly due to the emergence of online transactions in Nigeria. Over the period, consumers in Nigeria have turned to making their payment online rather than a traditional way of making payments.

There’s a wide range of payment gateway to choose from  as a merchant. With so many to choose from,we thought to share the Top 5 Online payment gateway in 2021 that you should consider for your online business.

Choosing an online gateway in Nigeria can be a little but tricky,but using popular online payment gateway can be done in Nigeria. Before you start making your choice of which online gateway to choose,you have to know the solution each one provides ,the pricing,the payment method. Local or international? Is it safe and secure? Also,you can go online to check people reviews about each payment gateway.

Here is GIANGIST’S list of top 5 Online payment gateway in 2021. Enjoy!

1.      PAYSTACK

PAYSTACK is one of the popular online gateway to use in 2021. This popular payment gateway allows marchant to accept credit cards and debit cards payments easily from their customers online. Whether you are a small or large business, PAYSTACK offers anything you need about payment which is simple,secure and affordable. PAYSTACK uses payment pages to run online campaign for your business without writing code,with an option to run your subscription business.

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  • Setup fee : Free
  • Local cards : 1.5% + #100
  • International cards : 3.9% + #100 (#100 fee is waived for transactions less than #2500).


In Africa, flutterwave makes it easier for banks and businesses to process payment. It lets you receive payment locally and globally with no hassles and zero setup fee. This mode payment allows online payment gateway easy , safe and secure. So, if you Intend to collect payments in multiple currencies as a payment then flutterwave should be the online payment gateway in 2021 to consider. Although you will need a corporate bank account or company registration document to implement rave.

Flutterwave allows website owners to accept debit card or credit card payment from customers in more than 155 countries. They support Mastercard,visa and verve.


  • Local payment : mode of payment is mastercard,Visa and verve, bank USSD. 1.4% processing fee
  • International payment : 3.5% processing fee.


You don’t need any setup fee to use voguepay. A website owner can receive payment for their business (goods and services) with voguepay. It allows anyone to collect and receive payments globally. As a voguepay user, you can set auto-withdraw option on your account. It also have free plugin for most of the popular website builders for easy integration. Their service range from internet banking to mobile payment, wallet transfer, Bitcoin payment etc.

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.     PRICING 

  • Setup fee : #1500 (with corporate affairs commission issued identity card)
  • Verve card / Naira mastercard : 2.5%
  • Visa integration : 2.5%
  • International payment : 4.5% (no gateway applicable).
  • Withdraw fund : 1% + #120

4.     GTPAY

GTPay  is a product of GTBank in Nigeria, one of Nigeria top Banks which offers a unique solution to Nigerians.

GTPay is a secure and safe  internet payment gateway for payments online. It  accepts both local cards and international issued cards including Interswitch, MasterCard and VISA. It is the most secure online payment gateway in Nigeria for ecommerce website. 


  • Setup fee : N75,000
  • MasterCard/Visa (local) : 1.5% of transaction amount (subject to a maximum of N2,000)
  • Interswitch Verve (local) : 1.5% of transaction amount (subject to a maximum of N2,000
  • MasterCard/Visa (International) : 3% of transaction amount; no cap

  • International Gateway Monthly Charge : N5,000

5.     Interswitch Webpay

Interswitch Webpay  is an Africa-Focused payment gateway that integrates directly into your website and enables funds to be paid into your account.

A web merchant can receive online payment from cardholders via Interswitch WebPay or Webpaydirect.


  • Setup fee: N150,000
  • There is a one-time integration fee of N150,000 and for every subsequent successful transaction, a fee of 1.5% of the value of the transaction subject to a cap of N2,000 is charged. (i.e. for transactions below N133,333, a fee of 1.5% applies), and N2,000 flat fee (for transactions above N133,333).
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