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google docs features

Hello everyone, welcome to giantgist. In this article, we discuss the advantages and benefits of Google Docs features. Why most of the peoples are using google docs online as compare to MS office. MS Word also popular but we share the awesome benefits which make google docs better than other online document software.

1: Voice Typing

Voice typing is one of the most creative development by google in google docs. Except for typing now we just speak and google automatically type for us. I also apply this voice typing and it definitely increases the speed of typing. We save our time and complete lengthy documents in a very short time. This is one of my favorite features in google docs. You also need to apply this if you want to complete your work in a short period of time.

2: Fonts In Google Docs

Google docs also have known for its famous fonts formatting. For your information google have its own fonts where are freely available in a google search result. You can simply type for free fonts develop by Google. That’s why Google provides awesome fonts in his google docs product. Other document software also provides free different types of font but google docs fonts are different than others. Must try these fonts and update your valuable feedback in the comment section.

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3: Insert Image with Edit Option

Other document software provides insert an image because this is a common and required feature. But in google docs, we can insert images with edit options. Same as WhatsApp when where we add image and we find the option of editing. I know it’s basic but it is very useful and saves our time for editing in different software. I am sure you also like this feature when you apply this. Actually, this feature is looking simple but for its use, it is very useful and that’s why I love to work in Google docs. Other Google products like google sheets have easy google sheets formulas to create your complex documents easily with all the calculations.

4: Insert Drawing in Google Docs

This option is similar to the third of the insert image with the edit option. But the drawing option is different. In my opinion, I think google docs is online software that’s why they give this option to avoid using different drawing software. But overall this is also a great feature.

5: Superscript and Subscript In Google Docs

In different software apply superscript and subscript options are so difficult. But in Google docs, it is very simple and easy. You can easily apply this when you want and make your documents creative and attractive with your professional skills.

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6: Outline in Google Docs

Google Docs navigation is very easy and simple that’s why the outline tool also uses easily. You can find this option in the top menu section and make use of it. Overall google docs is a great tool for online documents working.

7: Delete Blank Page in Google Docs

Most of the peoples want to know how to delete blank page in MS word. Because they are mostly using MS word in the windows operating system. but the main thing is part is we can easily delete blank pages in google docs. To delete a blank page in the menu section, you fine “file” then go to “page setup“. Then reduce the number of the bottom and your second-page text adjust on the first page and the second page automatically reduced.

8: Different Types of Headers in Google Docs

Header selection is one of the difficult tasks for all of us especially when we are new. for solving this problem google docs predefined different kinds of the header for its users. You simply need to select your favorite header which perfectly fits in your document. Then simply use this theme in your every page of the document until your documents are not finished. Before using google docs I am also confused about the use of the header, especially in MS Word. But when I start using google docs I easily find my required header and make my documents fully professional and creative. I highly suggest you please check all the header which google docs are provided. I am sure your this experience of using google docs is good and you also suggest your family member and others using google docs.

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I try all these software for documents and find google docs more useful. Maybe your point is different but honestly, if you are trying google docs at once you love to work on it because our docs are automatically saved and we can access any time anywhere using the internet.

Giantgist is hopeful that you like these features of google docs. For these features, if you have any kind of issue or problem you can share with us in the comment section. In giantgist we also provide google sheets guidelines. Make money online tricks, business, and self improvements ideas. So what you are waiting to migrate your document software from any other software to google docs and share your experience with us. Thanks for your valuable time for reading we meet again on the other helpful topic. Share this if you like to work in google docs.

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