How you can translate certificates without errors

translate certificates without errors

We all know that the craze of visiting foreign countries is increasing day by day. Some people went abroad for a better education whereas some plans to visit tourist places around the world. Meanwhile, only financial capability is not enough to travel outside your nation. There is a wealth of formalities, rules, and regulations that you must know if you want to travel abroad.

According to USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services), an individual should have all the documents written in English for Visa to a country. Many countries are there to create birth certificates, educational certificates, etc., in the native language. A document written in any other language except English is not eligible for the Visa of a country. If you are planning to travel abroad and have a document written in your native language, you need to translate them to English before proceeding further. You can choose from various ways to translate your documents according to your requirements.


Following are the best ways of USCIS certified translation:

Use a free translation software:

Using free translation software is one of the quickest ways to translate your documents into English. You can choose from a variety of translation software applications available on the internet. It works on pre-installed algorithms and is efficient enough to translate your documents in just one click. All you need to is copy and paste the whole content of your documents into the software. After that, choose the language you want to translate your documents in. Just click on translate, and you will get an error-free translation of your documents in the desired language. Have a look at some productive translation software available online.

  • Google Translate:

Well, I do not think that Google Translate needs an explanation. Google Translate is amongst the most popular translators available online. Like all the Google applications, it is secure and easy to use software with a user-friendly interface. You can translate the whole document into your desired language using this application.

  • Deepl:

Deepl is a recently launched document translation software and giving a tough competition to its rivals. The software is recognized as the most accurate translation application since 2017. Like Google Translate, you can translate your documents into the desired language in a couple of seconds. You only have to convert your documents into a PDF or a doc file for using Deepl.

  • Linguee:

Linguee is another free translation website that combines search engines and languages to translate content. Its unique algorithms allow users to choose languages, essence, and expressions as well. You can translate your documents without any errors using the Linguee.

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Hire a freelancer translator:

As the translation industry is growing, many freelancers joined the industry as human translators. In case you are not satisfied with the translation of free translation applications, you can hire a freelancer translator for better results. You can hire a human translator from various freelancing websites such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc. On these websites, freelancers make a contract to translate your documents for a prescribed fee. All the freelancers available online are bound under the freelancing platform’s privacy policies. However, you should check reviews to the freelancer before sharing your legal documents with him.


Translation services provider:

No doubt, hiring a freelancer is a good option, but a single individual takes more time to complete a task than a team. Translation service providers are agencies that feature a team of professional translators. They will provide you with excellent translation services at the required time. Along with that, they know how to conduct USCIS certified translation professionally. These service providers are registered companies and will not share your details with a third person. Whether you want birth certificate translation or USCIS certified translation, hiring a translation services provider will be a productive option.

  • Professional ethics:

Translation service providers are highly professional and dedicated to their work. That is the reason why they are considered the best way to translate a document in the desired language. These agencies dedicate themselves to provide quality services to their customers on time and with expected productivity.

  • Quality Translation:

Apart from professionalism, translation service providers provide you with accurate and error-free translation. You even do not need to cross-check the content translated by a translation agency. They will facilitate you with documents translated in the desired language, essence, expressions, etc. according to your requirements.

  • Better data privacy:

As discussed earlier, translation service providers are registered firms and never expose your data privacy. Hiring a translation agency is the safest way to translate legal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc. All you need to do is to find a registered agency with trustworthy employees.

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YouTube Tutorials:

In case you do not want to invest in a freelancer and are not satisfied with translation software, then YouTube is the lender of last resort. YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform and consists of various translation videos to assist you. You can translate your legal documents by yourself with the help of YouTube tutorials. Even English is an international language and is taught in most schools. You might know how to write in English but will be facing grammatical mistakes. YouTube tutorials will guide you in writing error-free content in English as per the USCIS norms. However, I suggest you should understand the tutorial carefully before translating your documents.



As per the guidelines of USCIS, translating documents into English is crucial to travel abroad. You need to translate your birth certificate, marriage certificate, educational qualifications, etc., into English if you want to travel outside your country. There is a wealth of ways by which you can translate your documents into error-free English. Using free translation software is the easiest among all. If you are not satisfied with the content you can opt for a freelancer, translation service provider, or YouTube tutorials according to your requirements. Meanwhile, hiring a translation agency is a safe and productive option to get your documents translated into English.

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