Twitter Finally Add DM Search To Android App

Two years ago,Twitter introduced DM search bar to iOS users. Twitter is finally rolling out an improved version of its DM search tools for Android. This features will let Twitter users on Android search for DMs through the name of the users or group they’re part of. Ability to filter your messages to find what you are looking for.

The DMs(DIRECT MESSAGES)search bar has arrived on Android,the company said on a tweet late on Thursday @Twittersupport.

“We’ve brought the DMs search bar to Android and rolling out an improved version that let you search for all of your old conversation,not just the most recent ones. 

waiting for the option to search your DMs for message content? we’re working on releasing that later this year!”

It was expected of Twitter to add a search option which will allow users to search for a particular words or content they have even shared in DMs. This feature that will allow users to search for specific words or contents is being anticipated to arrive later this year. The big social media platform is also working on allowing users to search content of messages and not only just the sender.

The feature is going to drastically expand how helpful that DMs search bar is surfacing older messages or conversation and even actual words which you have typed in those conversations sometimes. It’s also kind of surprising that Twitter took so long to finally add DM search bar to android app. Twitter working more of improving it though but then again Twitter doesn’t do much about inbox. So if you have a lot of DM to open, Twitter will pull up all of them for you and not only the latest ones.

Earlier this year in India, Twitter also started testing voice DMs up to 140seconds long. This feature is basically sending of voice messages in DMs on Twitter. According to the social platform,voice messages in DMs will make it easier for people or users to have conversations. Twitter is yet to announce plan of Twitter finally add DM search to android app. 

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