Ways to Reduce Work Stress and Thrive at Work

5 Ways to Reduce Work Stress and Thrive at Your Day Job

Chronic stress can cause serious health problems including anxiety, depression, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. And unfortunately, about one-third of Americans report feeling extreme stress – and that number is rising!

It’s time to take control of this problem. And perhaps the best place to start is by addressing work-related stress. No matter where you’re working you can improve your health and feel less stressed.

Read below 5 Easy Ways to Reduce Work Stress and Thrive at Work.

5 Ways to Reduce Work Stress and Thrive at Your Day Job

1. Stay Organized

Part of managing stress at work is creating a physically organized space. Clutter and chaos can increase chronic stress without you even realizing it. In addition to physical organization, you should try to keep your tasks, calendar, and priorities organized too! This will help reduce stress at work and increase your productivity.

2. Move More

Regular physical activity, even a few minutes a day, can help you control work-related stress. Take a lunchtime walk, perform some stretches, or consider buying a standing desk for laptops. When you move more your body produces endorphins which make you feel better and sleep better.

Physical activity also helps regulate mood and improve decision-making skills. Try adding about 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity to your routine if you are serious about reducing work-related stress.

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3. Stop Multi-Tasking

When we try to focus on multiple things at once it causes stress. We tend to feel overwhelmed and overworked while worrying whether we are doing enough to help our company succeed.

Pick one task to conquer at a time. Give all your focus and attention to that one item and do your very best work on it. When it’s complete, move to the next task. Working in this manner can help you dramatically reduce stress.

4. Be Comfortable

Be comfortable when you’re working. Wear comfortable clothing, have a comfortable workspace, and eliminate distractions that cause discomfort. If you have experienced working from home stress this year – you are not alone!

But even at home, you should feel comfortable and in the zone while working. Create a space that is conducive to relaxation and focus. You will instantly feel less stressed.

5. Meditation or Deep Breathing

Consider meditation or a deep breathing exercise if you are looking for creative ways to reduce stress. These simple activities can help counteract the physical symptoms of stress. You can lower your blood pressure, increase your focus, and improve your mood in a few minutes.

Regular meditation has been proven to reduce stress and enhance physical and mental well-being. It’s easy to do because you can do it anywhere! Give it a try and see what you think.

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Reduce Work Stress and Live Better Today

Work stress is not an inevitable part of having a job. You can reduce work stress and be an even better employee than before. Try the activities above to stress less and feel better at work.

Consider how you can change your physical space to reduce stress and set schedule boundaries if you are working from home. Reducing stress will allow you to live a healthier, happier life inside and outside of work.

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