Which Is The Best Type Of Banner For Your Business?

Banner printing

It is possible that your local competition is looking to attract the attention and business of your target audience. It is more crucial than ever to use a vibrant advertising strategy for your brand. The best part is you do not need to spend a fortune to implement this strategy. There are various types of cost-effective banners that can allow you to put your message across to the audience. For instance using a pop up advertising banner or pull up advertising banners used by companies at trade shows and events helps them share their message to the audience in an effective way.

If you are new to this arena, then it might be overwhelming for you to decide the best banner for your business.

What is a banner and then move on to the different types of banners

What is a banner?

A banner is a long strip of material which includes an aesthetic design with text produced to inform the audience about the products or services offered by the company. Banners can be made of various types of materials like paper, cloth, vinyl etc depending on the thickness you desire, the type of usage and your budget. There are many types of banners but the most common ones are pull up banners, desktop roller banner, suspended banners etc. These days there is a trend that brands like to go for a personalised roller banner for their campaigns.

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Fabric Banners

Fabric banners are usually made from satin or polyester and are a more traditional type of banners. It is easy to wash these fabric banners unlike other types and are the ideal solution for brands looking for a good quality banner and have no set up time. There is one drawback of using these banners, it should only be used for indoor applications as the fabric is not weather resistant in the long run. You can see these fabric banners at trade exhibitions, real estate promotions, presentations etc.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners have been used in outdoor advertising from many decades. It is impossible to doubt the durability of a vinyl banner and hence can be used for both indoor and outdoor advertising. However, you must ensure that you have enough people to transport and assemble as these banners can be quite heavy to handle. Typically, vinyl banners are heavier than other types of banners and are not crease-resistant if you do not store properly.  Having said that, vinyl banners are still a popular choice in outdoor banner printing.

Mesh Banners

Though vinyl has been an industry favourite but mesh banners might just be the thing for your brand. Mesh banners enable wind to pass through without having to lift the banner up. Hence, you can use mesh banners for outdoor advertising as it withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy winds while working as your optimum marketing tool.


Mesh banners are widely used for huge signages in the retail industry or even in construction to cover a building. Construction companies use these banners to cover the work in progress and advertise the completed project. It looks more appealing to the potential buyers and the general public. There are many agencies you can contact to get your outdoor banners uk and make sure that you check out mesh banners from the available options.

Pull Up and Retractable Banners

Pull up banners or roll up banners are a good option if you are looking to maximize your banner advertising as it is printed on both sides. They are usually around six feet tall with different width depending on your business requirements. These are cheaper than other types of banners and easy to handle, manage, erect and transport by a single person.

The retractable banner stand enables you a smooth set up. However, these banners cannot be more than 5 feet wide. So, if you want to display your branding at a trade show or a conference then it is perfect. Else, you would need to go with an alternate option instead if you are looking for extra large banners. Pull up banners are generally included in the cheap banner printing category due to its flexible nature and material involved.

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The primary aim of these banners is to catch the attention of your target audience. Once you get a lead and talk to them, there is a high probability of converting them into a loyal customer. Banners are a cost-effective form of advertising that can boost the sales of your brand. By going through the above points, we hope that you have got some basic knowledge about the type of banner you should use for your business. If you have any concern, then you must contact your local print agency to get some idea about a suitable banner for your brand.

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