Why Social Shopping Is Growing Rapidly Among Brands

Social Shopping

With the growing popularity of social media, marketers, and buyers have started leveraging the platform to make sales and purchase, respectively.

This led to social shopping, which is nothing but the integration of social media with shopping culture. It is the most trending marketing strategy among all the brands and is becoming the most elementary component of the marketing plan to boost sales and revenue.

In this blog, we will learn what social shopping is and why it is growing rapidly among brands. 

So, let’s delve in.

What Is Social Shopping?

Social shopping is the cross-section of social media and e-commerce that blends shopping with the interface of social media. 

In simple terms, social shopping is the concept of purchasing products directly from social media by considering the reviews & testimonials displayed on social media. 

This has made the customers’ shopping experience more comfortable and relaxing by allowing them to shop the product in just a few steps and that too without leaving the social page they are scrolling onto.

Reasons Why Social Shopping Is Growing Rapidly Among Brands

1. Outreach The Customer Footprint

Let’s not forget the facts

  • Over 45% of the world’s population is using social media.
  • An average of 3 hours per day per person is spent on social networks.
  • 90.4% of millennials and 77.5% of GenZ are social media users. 
  • 54% of social media users use the platform to search for products

So when your customers are hanging out on these channels, what’s the point of marketing somewhere else? Social media has turned out to be the most loved place by marketers to promote their products and services.

It provides enormous opportunities for the brands to grow their business and expand their customer reach to a wider angle. It will therefore ensure a good amount of traffic and success opportunities.

2. Superlative User Engagement

The user engagement experienced by adopting social shopping is unparalleled and cannot be compared with any other ways of attracting and engaging customers.

By allowing the users to shape their purchase decisions by scrolling down the social media, brands can ignite their desire to invest in the brand. 

This enhanced user engagement can help the brands strengthen their social presence and skyrocket their profits quickly.

Also, the number of user impressions can help the brands to increase their SEO ranking and improve their visibility and discoverability to a great extent. 

3. Distinguished Image With User-Generated Content

The most important part that comes along with social media is the user-generated content. Social media platforms are the hub of diverse and unique user-generated content.

This user-generated content is the most trustworthy content that a brand can employ for its promotions. It displays the brand’s real image and showcases the brand’s credibility most efficiently.

This content is driven by the genuine experiences of the real customers of the brand. This is why it is considered the most authentic and reliable content that one can find online. 

By displaying user-generated content on your social commerce page for social shopping, brands can display the true words of the users that have the power to maintain the dignified image of the brand.

4. Curtailed Path Of Purchase

To have an amazing shopping journey, the essential part is to have a short and quick purchase path. It secures the purchase limits for the brands and sets the seal on the maximum conversions. 

Unlike the traditional shopping sites, where cart dropouts are the most frequent phenomenon, the concept of social shopping has reduced the bounce rates of the purchase journey due to a lack of complexities that might occur otherwise.

With a simplified purchase path, brands have experienced a boost in their growth and accelerated rates. 

5. Quick checkout With Shoppable Content

Social shopping is not just limited to providing users with an option to purchase from social media by considering reviews and other user-generated content. This is much more than this.

With social commerce platforms, brands can turn their simple UGC and social content into shoppable content. The most popular example of social shopping is Shoppable Instagram. This means they can add shoppable tags to the posts specifying the product’s price, details, descriptions, and much more.

With this shoppable content, brands can allow the customers to shop then and there in just one click by providing a streamlined path to the payments page.

This helps the brands to open the doors for new opportunities and ensure customer attraction with amplified sales. 

6. Augmented Sales And Revenue

Social shopping is just the perfect way of shopping for the desired products and that too in our comfort zones. It allows the customers to fulfill their needs at the time of their entertainment to not have to spare time to shop for the product.

This increases the user engagement of the brand and hence increases the possibilities of higher conversions and sales. This is because it creates instant buying desires in the customers, and the UGC triggers them to complete their purchase path without any second thought. 


Modern-day shoppers are increasingly looking for a quick and simple way to shop for their desires, and social media is no way to be missed in such cases. They look for product reviews and recommendations on social media. 

This makes it vital for the brands to inculcate social shopping in their marketing plan. This will provide the brands with infinite opportunities for growth and maximum sales.

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