(Full Review) Worriorplus Review – Is Worriorplus Affiliate Program Legit or another Rip Off?

Worriorplus Review

Worriorplus Review

What is Worriorplus?

Warriorplus is an affiliate marketing program that enables their users to promote the product and earn a certain commission for each sale you made.

Affiliate marketing is known as a CPA (cost per action) format, that mean you have to make a sale before you can earn commission.

Right now, we are going to explain how worriorplus works, is warriorplus legit or a scam? Go through this post before joining and we are also going to explain how to make ₦500k per month from warriors affiliate marketing in this article. so let’s dive into the article.

How to sign up for warriorplus

  • Visit their website and sign up
  • Fill in your information correctly
  • Choose the categories of product you want to promote
  • And then start promoting the product.

How to promote the warriorplus product

Their are different ways in which you can promote the product of worriorplus, among them are;

  • Through your website/blog
  • Through your YouTube channel
  • Through reaching out to people who might need it (friends and family)
  • Through your social media group. Such as,WhatsApp group, Facebook, WhatsApp TV, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram etc.
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How to receive commission as an affiliate earnings

As an affiliate marketer, you can receive commission on product promote on worriorplus through different method, which are;

PayPal plus

PayPal plus WarriorPlus have a feature that allows warriorplus vendors to make a sales and affiliates to collect their commissions easier on warriorplus and more securely than ever before. All sales made with PayPal Plus and automatically deposit the commissions into the Affiliate and JV Partner wallets. (Vendors immediately receive their portion of the funds direct into their PayPal account.)


All the warriorplus product sales made via Stripe also automatically deposit the commissions into the Affiliate and JV Partner wallets. (Vendors immediately receive their portion of the funds direct into their Stripe account.)

What does an offer’s “pulse” mean

Offers on WarriorPlus have a “Pulse” scores, which is an indicators of warriorplus affiliate performance for that offer over the past few months.

A higher “pulse” would indicate more overall activity for an offer, based on the number of different people making sales, as well as some other factors related to overall sales numbers.

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Is warriorplus legit?

Warriorplus affiliate marketing is legit. Unlike Ponzi scheme, it’s like, the more you promote, the higher your commission.

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This warriorplus affiliate marketing is legit. You can sign up with them today and start making cool cash every month.


Warriorplus affiliate marketing is 100% legit as they have received many testimonies of people promoting and getting their payment.

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