Your Top Most AngularJS Development Tools for 2021

AngularJS Development Tools

Bill Gates once quoted :

“If your business is not present online, you will soon have no business.”

The statement stands one hundred percent correct in today’s tech-savvy generation. Running a business is simply impossible without any software. Therefore every enterprise is trying to leverage IT software solutions such as Javascript, NodeJS tools, AngularJS development tools etc. for every fundamental need. The digital technology market has overcome every little requirement in order to provide the best and customized solutions to its customers. While we talk about an internet presence, the primary objective of a business is to have a well-versed website or application. 

A well-versed website or application does not merely mean static text and images. Today almost every website/app needs to come up with more creativity, innovation, with an attractive look and lively information to reach as many users as possible. In short, Dynamic and responsive sites are the new trend. This can be obtained only if you have a robust coding style or various libraries or frameworks that offer distinctive features. AngularJS is one such wonder. 

AngularJS is one of the most popular frameworks based on Javascript (JS). Companies hire AngularJS developers due to the tool’s reliability and best user experience. While the framework is still a hot topic in the web development industry, we decided to assemble a list of the most trending and preferable AngularJS development tools that one should definitely try out in 2021. These tools are the masters of website and web application development. But before we explore the tools, let us take a quick glance at what is AngularJS, and why is it the ideal choice for your business?

What is AngularJS?

Angular JS

AngularJS is an open-source Javascript framework that was created as a brainchild by the developers of Google. The primary goal of developing Angular was to assist businesses when creating websites and applications. It provides the most simplified solutions to the frontend developers in the development process. 

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AngularJS is used by many high-profile enterprises such as PayPal, Upwork, Netflix,, etc., due to its endless benefits. Some of its advantages are mentioned below:

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Scalable 
  • Powerful Performance
  • Exclusive front end development
  • Two-way Data binding
  • MVC architecture
  • Simple testing

The biggest of all reasons to consider AngularJS tools is that our favorite Google backed up its framework. This will provide ample support and resources to resolve any sort of issue faced while developing your business application. 

Now, coming back to the list of the most potent and popular AngularJS development tools for every frontend need, here are a few of them:



Karma is a testing framework that provides a perfect environment to test the application on real browsers and real devices like tablets and phones. It is basically used for multiple testing like midway testing, user testing, and E2E testing. Companies like Accenture and Gitlab prefer Karma for their frontend development. 

Every massive development community loves Karam due to its incredible features. Some of it is mentioned below:

  • Continuous Integration
  • Open-source
  • Remote control
  • Testing framework agnostic
  • Easy debugging
  • Testing on real-time devices.

Webstorm :


Webstorm is another excellent AngularJS development tool that contains a smart angular online editor providing support for HTML, CSS, NodeJS, Javascript, along with all their advanced and modern successors. Developers prefer webstorm because it is well versed with all the modern technologies. Enterprises like Lyft and Bepro prefer this tool.

Its significant features are :

  • Get Support
  • Easy debugging 
  • Powerful and smart ride.

Jasmine :


Jasmine is well known for its behavior-driven testing feature. It is not dependent on any JS framework, browser, or DOM. Therefore it is perfect for any project that includes JS. Jasmine automatically analyses JS frameworks and classes and is used by famous enterprises like Walmart and Typeform. 

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The significant features of Jasmine are :

  • Open-source
  • Spy on feature for fake calls
  • TDD usage

Protractor :


Protractor is an end-to-end testing framework. This framework’s program is built on top of Web driver JS. The best function of Protractor is that it runs tests in a real-time browser monitoring the app like a regular user. This framework is currently used by Gartner and IWB.

Some useful features of Protractor are :

  • Automatic waiting
  • Tests like a user 



Mocha.JS is an incredible feature-rich framework that runs on the browser and NodeJS, offering you asynchronous and flexible testing with accurate reporting and mapping. It is one of the best angularJS tools in the market and is used by companies like Coursera and Asana.

Some of the useful features of Mocha.JS are:

  • Simple setup
  • JS API testing 
  • Accurate reports 


DJAngular is a reusable application that provides app integration with AngularJS. One can easily create AngularJS content as per this application. 

DJ angular has some unique features such as :

  • Flexible framework with compatibility.
  • Easy namespacing with angularJS content.

AngularFire :

Now, AngularFire is unique because, with the help of this, one can easily create a backend for an Angular application. It has a flexible API, three-way data binding, and rapid development capabilities that ease the entire development process.

Some of the features of AngularFire are listed below:

  • Synchronized real-time binding
  • Support from AngularJS binding for Firebase.
  • Automatic data storage 

Apart from these topmost AngularJS development tools, we have also mentioned some of the best AngularJS ide and editor tools that can complement your business applications. 

Angular Kickstart 

This tool is a fantastic choice for speeding up the development process. It contains a scalable and reliable build system that makes developing applications look like a piece of cake. 

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Sublime text:

Sublime is one of the most loved Angular editors for developers that makes coding literally as easy as it sounds. It is a favorite choice of many high profile enterprises. 

Generator Angular:

With the help of General Angular, one can easily set up a project or campaign along with sensible defaults. It will also generate a boilerplate for you to get started with the app project.

Angular Seed :

The angular-seed will act as an application skeleton in your default AngularJS web applications. This tool can apply bootstrap to the applications in no time and also offers a real-time environment for all your development needs. 

Code orchestra :

Codeorchestra is a frontend development tool and an AngularJS editor that enables you to write code in a lively form. Whenever you modify your code and save it, the code automatically implements it in your app by a particular protocol.


VideoGular is a popular HTML5 based video player for AngularJS that enables you to insert a video and several other multimedia elements in your application with ease.

Angular Gettext :

Angular Gettext, in the words of developers, is super simple translation support for AngularJS. One can type the text in English and highlight them for translation, and the rest of the process is managed and executed by this tool. 

Mean :

Mean comes with a simple boilerplate that the AngularJS developers use to create apps, Express, NodeJS, MongoDB, etc. It also contains pre-bundled and configured modules like Passport and Mongoose. 


The web development industry experts highly recommend the tools mentioned above in the list to help you with developing a distinctive application for your business. If you still are quite uncertain about these tools, you can always hire AngularJS developers to deliver your business application leveraging these tools in the right manner. 



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